Items 1 – 6 Welcome to the 2nd edition of Advanced Hero Quest. Inbetween and rules are taken from the internet, but most are designed by our gaming group. There are three parts to Advanced HeroQuest: the miniatures; the rules; The rule book contains all the core rules that will be referenced by the other booklets. Advanced HeroQuest Expansion – Terrors in the Dark 2. Magazine Articles. Advanced HeroQuest (Back to Index). Rulebook (63mb, jpg) A sometimes hasty.

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Tristan M December 12, at These old sculpts have a lot of weird folds and cracks that, frankly I am just not skilled enough to work around Can these files be downloaded as regular PDF files? We would have loved to print all these. Unknown January 8, at 5: There is nothing to stop that Luke.

Results of hosting theese files, and the effect of the use on the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work can not be judged as decreased profit. Really really impressed with EAHQ Posted by Gunz Rod at Posted by Gunz Rod at 1: Tuesday, March 17, Slev’s Advanced Heroquest site!

Advanced HeroQuest: Reforged: DOWNLOADS

I can’t seem to gain access to the downloads via dropbox. The main Enhanced – Advanced Heroquest book and extras: So many comments from many years prove your links keep breaking! Quick question, do you have any templates for the floor tiles, for us to build our own? Posted by Gunz Rod at 4: I am hoping to try this with my game group. The introduction explains what everything is by way of game material, including detailed information on the books.


Alex Hood May 8, at 4: All theese files will need WinRAR 3 to extract. Do you keep moving them? Thanks for all your hard work! Gunz Rod November 20, at You could combine these into a single volume, but we find that by separating them, it is much easier to access the needed rules.

It seems they have been disabled. In that case Luke the GM should just step in and make the call On this website visitors will be able to download files, containing unauthorized copyrighted work, owned by Games Workshop. Posted by Gunz Rod at 9: But some of the links doesn’t work. I am currently unable to paint due to shoulder surgery but I might heroqquest strip and start over eventually.

My own variation borrows some mechanics from Slev’s great work. None of this is the least bit official, and I have had no part in the creation of official Games Workshop products. Gunz Rod December 11, at herpquest Been doing some refreshers with Solo Play, with the hope of roping a few others in once i’m practiced enought!


Would it be possible to fulebook A4 versions of these documents? Wasn’t the PDF reader. Rulebook 63mb, jpg A sometimes hasty scan of the rulebook, unfortunally the only version I have.


Anything else is literally optional Ever thought about making a FaceBook group for this or something? I will be redoing at least the bases as soon as I am able to paint again!

Luke May 27, at Unfortunally the only version I have. Ok now we’ll need the image you created in Part 1 and the floor tile you created in Part 2 ; open both in Gimp see The Tools below and Configure your Grid to 0. Sorry for the delay! Tuesday, December 3, Alternative Paper Doors If you are going to translate, please let us know, so we can link to you! Slev managed an expansive reshaping, far beyond my skill level, and every diehard fan should check it out.

Wednesday, December 11, How to – Dungeon Tiles: Hi, just tried to download and dropbox is throwing up errors, please can you fix. Hey can you email me? This is the Advanced HeroQuest section on my website. Really all you need to play Enhanced Advanced Heroquest is dice, miniatures, the rules, some dungeon floor tiles, and imagination.

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