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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The aim of the journal is to publish research papers in the fields of social and human sciences, to evaluate contemporary and historical problems with a scientific approach. The articles that are sent to Humanitas should be based on research, and original which follow ethical rules, and should not have been published or sent to be published before.

The papers presented in scientific conferences are taken for evaluation to be pub- lished, if they are not published in any journal or conference book, on condition that its information is given as a footnote. These articles which are published in any journal are not published, in any case.

The editorial board is not responsible for checking 207 articles if they have been published before, or not. This ethic responsibility belongs to the writer.

The form of the articles should be organized according to spelling rules, confirmed by administration. The articles sent to be published are checked by the publi- cation commission for their form and content before they are published.

The texts that are confirmed are evaluated scientifically by at least two reviewers according to double-blind independent and unprejudiced peer-reviewing principles.

The names of the reviewers are not revealed and evaluation documents are kept for a five-year period. The last decision belongs to the publication commission. Publication commission has the authority not to publish the text, which is not approved by the editorial board, and S send it back to its writer to be corrected, re-arranged, or its content changed or reduced. It is very important to make the last revision carefully, to use quotations and citation correctly in order not to have problems during the publication process.

When the journal is published, one copy is sent to the each writer in a short time. All copyrights of the published texts are reserved. Texts Analyzing Literature as Argument: The Foundations of English Literary Criticism: In accordance to our aim of sharing the works of researchers in the fields of humanities and social sciences, the second issue of our Journal containsqualified studies of different concerns.

Hoping to be a source of research in the whole science field of humanities, we are honored to present our Journal to the scientific, cultural and artistic world.

ALES Sonbahar – Sayısal 1 Testi Soru Çözümleri – YouTube

The second issue of our Journal consists of fifteenarticles in Turkish, French and English, presented in the order of author names and covering different fields, such as als literature, history, geography, political sciences, economics, linguistics, anthropology and art. Wealso start to introduce newly published books in publication evaluation section. Balzac believed that humans possessed individuality besides theirs, and reality and eternity could be obtained through magnetic experiments.

In this study, quality management, which is providing contributions to various organizations, will be examined along with the story of life of Edward Deming who is regarded as the founder of this approach.


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Many interesting photographs and comments are present throughout the study. Sobbahar the article investigates word-formative sonabhar for nomina agentis in English and German from a phonological-morphological and semantic- syntactical point of view. Sezgin TOSKA analyzes the development and usage differences of the concepts of environment and ecology. These discursive differences are examined through illustrations of media studies consisting of poster, television program, movies, and news story.

Turkish people have had great interest and sympathy towards the Japanese. As a result of this, Turkish intellectuals wrote or translated books about the Japanese and tried to introduce their Japanese friends to their own society.

The present issue of the Journal also contains reviews of three newly published books. Editor in Chief Assoc. Jounal of Qafkaz Sorulat, 1 9 John Locke ve Siyaset Felsefesi.

Along with the transformation of the social structure in the middle ages, nation states have replaced the place of universal Christian world. While rationality took the place sorulzr God, rational individual took the place of Pope, and citizenship of a country took the place of feudal relationships. Principally two approaches are observed in the development and prevalance of liberalism.

The first approach is the negative liberty-oriented and individualistic classical liberalist approach which proposes to restrict the state with constitution, and thus according to Laissez Faire in terms of economics attaches importance to open market economy via the restricted state idea.

On the ale hand, the second approach is the positive liberty-oriented social liberalist approach which proposes that only particular liberties can be made meaningful by means of the state. This paper focuses on neo- liberalist perception along with the classical liberalist understanding and the social liberalist conception.

The paper also deals with the transformation of these three perceptions which have occurred as a result of the needs and wants due to the economical, social and political unrest. The worldwide economic crisis of and subsequent events have transformed classical liberalism and eventually intervention of the state has been considered to be inevitable. Indeed during the crisis of economics ofexcessive state intervention has basically caused transformation back to classical liberalism under the name of neo- liberalism.

Kendisine Arap diye seslenilir. Roman et connaissance sociale. Office des Publications Universitaires. Pour une sociologie du roman. Marxisme et Sciences Humaines. Tome 5 Jean Valjean. Une Part de ma vie, Entretiens Les Editions de Minuit. Extrait de la communication. Lucien Goldmann, who determines the borders of genetic structuralism by combining his own principles and rules of literary sociology with the works of previous theoreticians, and shows the practices of different types of works, also demonstrates that his own method is also applicable to the analysis of theatre productions.

To him, a work of art emerges in the mind as a thought, and until it reaches to the last level in which it is presented to the reader with its complete form, it reflects the historical, economic, social, and cultural necessities and needs of the society it belongs to.

The role of the author or the artist in the process of formation of this product is to be the spokesman of his society. Edirne, Selimiye Camii, 2. Milli Folklor, 22 International Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Administration, 3 3: It is known that the social and economic events which can be thought as human matters are important indicators of transformation and change. As a social and economic activity, tourism is rapidly developing in recent years with the impact of globalization, and tourism is an important activity supported by countries.

But tourism phenomenon takes part in our life not only with economic and spatial matters but also with its social and cultural aspects. In this context, it can be said that tourism cannot be discussed independent of human perception. This study was carried out to determine the awareness and opinion of secondary school students about the actions which are necessary for the development of tourism and resources of tourism, strengths and weaknesses of tourism, social, economic, environmental and cultural effects of tourism in Edirne province.


It was also emphasised by students that Edirne province has enough natural, historical and cultural richness, but it is significant to overcome the deficiencies in promotion, investment and education in order to benefit more from the advantages of tourism. Mais quelles sont ces troupes peu connues? Le terrain au Cameroun est bien plus difficile et le nombre des troupes allemandes est aussi bien plus important.

L’un des ces incidents cause la mort de 22 officiers et plus de soldats Gorges, 20077 of North Carolina. La Coloniale du Rif au Tchad, Culture coloniale, la France conquise par son Empire Des millions de soldats inconnus. The Great War in West Africa. The French Army and Politics, The Price of Glory. Les Troupes de marine Burnous au vent et sabre au clair. The French colonial troops, commonly called La Coloniale, are hardly sorupar, although they played a very important part in the construction of the French colonial Empire from the XVI th century to the s.

These troops are recruited from France or from the population of the French colonial empire and play an important role in the defense of the French territories all around the world. The present paper presents the short history of these troops and their participation in the World War I. Due to this good reputation, the French military High Command uses these units in all fronts of the war with success. They participated in the conquest of German territories in Africa, in the defense of France on the Western Front, and they fought in Turkey, in the Balkan and in Russia, too.

But this success has a high price: At the same time, their sacrifice has some reason because France is victorious in soruar conflict. Le Conte Fantastique en France. Antik Mitolojide Kim Kimdir? Comment Guerir Par le Magnetisme.

Hipnoz ve Telkin Yoluyla Tedavi. Hipnoz, Temel ve Pratik Bilgiler. In his various literary works, he aels with almost any kind of topics.

While doing this, his main aim was to portray and analyse each and every type of person that forms the society, which is what he also stated himself. Balzac dealt aoes the topic by analysing the texts and studies related, he even interviewed with people sodular in the issue.

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In the letter he wrote to Ms. Hanska inhe stated that he also had magnetic power.

The writer considered magnetism as a part of existence and reality, connected strictly to each other and which is controlled by a superior power. Magnetism is a scientific approach becoming a current issue in the 19th Century. Balzac, accredited with some issues such as magnetism, night waking, catalepsy, could not remain indifferent to the matter, thus used them in his works.

The writer viewed magnetism as a significant tool in uncovering ones utopian personality. Merkezden kazalara 1 Yrd.

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