View and Download Alesis Wedge programming chart online. Audio-digital processor. Wedge Computer Hardware pdf manual download. Alesis Wedge desktop digital reverb processor. Download a free User Manual. Download a free User Program Charts. Alessis Wedge desktop digital reverb. I recently got a Alesis Wedge from Ebay. Of course it . Then, I reset it to factory using the procedure below, from the manual. Now it works.

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Another tight plate for smooth percussion. About System Exclusive Vs. Unpacking And Inspection Classic plate reverbs often have a midrangy twang to them. Bright Nonlinear reverb for drum machine snares. When set to off, the Wedge ignores program change messages. Cavernous underwater reverb, great for effects.

There are different possible MIDI program change messages — Lezlie speaker system would do. Smooth percussion plate plus a glassy hall for guitars.

Your input signal should make the meters go as far to the right as possible without clipping. Program into memory yet.


Pitch Effects You can adjust the attack and release threshold of this audio triggering function. Setting Modulation Amplitude An agressive studio room for rock drums.


To cancel the Auto Level function once it has been engaged, press any button on the front panel. Reverb Effects This decaying action is influenced nanual the room size, the location of the sound source in the room, the hardness of the walls, and other factors. When you want to create your own Program, the first thing you must decide is which Configuration you wish to use. Digital Signal Processor is accommodating more than one effect at a time.

Width High Rotor Level affects the tone of the effect. Then you need to locate a Program that already uses this Configuration.

Quad Chorus Lezlie speaker system would do. For more information about Dry Defeat, see Chapter 1. If Dry Defeat is turned on and Bypass is on, no signal will pass through the unit. Adjusting Effects Mix Levels A brighter concert hall with more msnual and air.

Alesis Wedge Manuals

A big room with a delayed echo, great for big drum breaks. For prompt service, indicate the RO number on the shipping label. Very small ambient reverb, great for drums and percussion. Program Change Table Locker room effect, great on drums as well.

Stereo In – Stereo Out: Editing Effect Parameters Different shapes will dictate the shape of the room and the intensity of the attack. Description Of Controls Page 46 By setting the frequency to Hz and the Level towe can add a touch of warmth to our hall program. The total number of pages will appear in Wedge Reference Manual Also See for Wedge Reference manual – 84 pages.


Moving Through Pages Use this button to tap the delay time.

Alesis Wedge Reverb Multi Effects Processor with Power Supply and Manual | #

Crazy for syncopated rhythms? Big, boomy tunnels without the choking smog. However, the Wedge has Programs to choose from. Auditioning Internal Programs For this wedeg, we recommend using the Stereo In – Stereo Out hookup whenever possible to get the most out of the Wedge. A quick slapback for doubleing vocals and guitar.

Using Online Help Chapter 4. Panning ms delay with reverb for jammin cowpokes. Interfacing to a Mixing Console The Wedge handles mono or stereo sends at all maanual levels. Mono In – Stereo Out:

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