Thomas J. Misa (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, IEEE Computer Society, ), 51–71; Nathan Karol Horváth, “Osobný mikropočítač PP,” Amatérské Radio, 35, no. Amaterske radio г.г. “Amaterske radio” – журнал об электронной аппаратуре и разных электронных . Amaterske radio ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jan M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv- fax].zip Jul M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jul

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Member Societies are asked to remind members, and non-members where possible, to take care when operating near the band edges. The inclusion or exclusion of single words in the draft CPM Report has been the topic of spirited debate, which no doubt will continue at the CPM.

Member Societies that receive funds from the Region 2 Relief Fund must provide a report with the R2 Executive Committee detailing for the use of such funds. As the International Telecommunication Union’s World Radiocommunication Conference WRC in Geneva headed toward its fourth and final week, the proponents of additional allocations to HF Broadcasting conceded defeat and accepted that there will be no additional allocations made to HFBC at this conference.

Opposition to additional HFBC allocations was based mainly on a desire to protect military and other government fixed and mobile communications, although some amaterskr the administrations that were the most outspoken opponents of HFBC expansion authorize HFBC stations under their jurisdiction to operate out-of-band in the fixed and mobile allocations. All of these topics may be described as “works in rsdio within Study Group 1. Sumner, Dave, K1ZZ [mailto: I have put the same information on top of our web pages where we post visitors licencing information http: In May the Institute at a 20010 meeting held in Melbourne resulted in a nation-wide organisation to represent the experimenters, an outcome that had been desired for some time by the Postmaster General who had responsibility for wireless.

The date upon radik either 1 or 2 occurs will be the event date. Free amaterxke library on electronics How to download files? He said that he was safe, but had no power and no phone service.

A series of European Common Proposals had rario changes to allow for an increase of kHz in HF broadcasting allocations, with a footnote for administrations to allow the Amateur Service to use 5.

Prakticka Elektronika magazine free. Therefore you help is much appreciated. The impact was much greater on the three logs with significant numbers of “national uniques” which were also a very minor factor in the PT5L log – among qmaterske “uniques” are just 9 “national uniques” that showed up very late in the contest after the operators were identified on the BalkanDX Yahoo forum at UTC.


Non-Motorolan stations multiply points by number of location codes. Not only that, but many of these “uniques” showed up on several bands, in some cases on both CW and SSB.

Applications for DXCC award credits resulting from this change will be accepted on or after October 1, We are confident that such international support will make some impression upon the decision makers in our country, no doubt. Despite the Internet and cellular phone, Amateur Radio continues to attract people world-wide by providing free international communications and friendships.

We have the ability to liaise with many top ITU officials, members of various governmental administrations, as well as some of the leading ICT players.

At the end we want to point out that in the results are missing logs from Slovakia OMSlovenia S5 and perhaps from others countries too. The officers will investigate holding a Web-based “virtual meeting” early in However, deleting them is very unlikely to change the relative positions of any teams with “normal” logs and definitely did not affect the top three positions, which is the principal concern of the judges, other than to move PT5L out of 3rd place.

Tuesday’s quake was felt in the Dominican Republic, which shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti, and in Eastern Cuba, but no major damage was reported in either place. The AC has at its disposal a number of expert consultants and technical representatives and relies heavily on such volunteer experts and technical representatives. The Fessenden station, located at Brant Rock, Massachusetts, USA, is said to have operated on a frequency of about 88 kHz using an alternator with a maximum power output of about watts.

No new allocation for the Amateur Service in the vicinity of 5 MHz, and no agenda item to consider such an allocation at a future conference. Member-societies are requested to forward this E-Letter to their members electronically or any other appropriate way.

Based on modeling, engineers have no fear the antenna will pass with flying colors. Many IARU member-societies maintain excellent Web sites for the benefit of their members, other radio amateurs around the world, and anyone else who is interested in amateur radio.

Coupled with normal increases in expenses and with the costs associated with simultaneous interpretation and the translation of documents into the six official languages of the ITU, this has limited the ability of the ITU to keep up with the rapid pace of developments in telecommunications and has led to staff reductions and depressed morale among those who remain.

The following shows the September meetings that need to be attended to protect existing amateur radio services and to progress WRC agenda items. The program consist of presentations on Regulatory issues, preparation for WRC, Amateur Radio Emergency and Disaster Communication, national regulations of Amateur Radio in the GCC States combined with panel discussions and workshops with the aim to assist in building amaterdke maintaining good working relationship between the National Regulators and the Amateur Radio Societies.


Free online library on electronics A Radio. Love; Mission Specialist Leland D.

Archiv zpráv ze světa 2006 – 2010

At each AC meeting, those requirements are amterske and when circumstances change so do the requirements. Swain’s Island entity number qualifies as the first separation entity from American Samoa, now a Political Entity. In addition, leading electrical engineers are able to draw from their practical, hands-on experiences gained as Amateur Radio operators while they develop the inventions that are today’s necessities.

Amsterske are talking directly with schools, showing teachers, students, parents and communities how Amateur Radio energizes youngsters about science, technology, and learning. Under qmaterske newly adopted procedure, if the IARU regional organization determines that there is no evidence of the continued existence of the society for a period of 5 years then the regional organization may request that the Administrative Council publish a notice in the IARU Calendar its belief that the society has ceased to exist and calling for the submission of any evidence to the contrary within days of such publication.

He was operating on battery power and hoping to get a generator running later in the day. The complete Summary Record of the meeting can be amaetrske at http: Until now 13cm radio amateur band was free from any kind of interference, though we are using this band on secondary basis. Activities on the occasion of World Amateur Radio Day can be a great opportunity to spread the word about what the “hams” are doing.

The delegates will even be called upon to consider changing the name of the ITU! Those regulations, which since have been expanded and revised by numerous radio conferences, are now known as the Radio Regulations of the International Telecommunication Union ITUor simply as the Radio Regulations.

Archiv zpráv ze světa – | Český radioklub

He thanked those involved in promoting the change. See you in Huntsville in August! It is only the rare case where complete QSO information is published or amatrske be derived for the published data that we are concerned about.

Proposals to amend the Constitution that had been proposed in advance by member-societies were considered, and modest amendments were adopted.

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