Direct feeding damage on leaves and removal of plant sap reduces plant vigour. Feeding often causes depressions, discoloration and distortion of leaves. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society; Badawi, A. & Al-Ahmed, A.M. ( ) The population dynamics of the oriental scale insect, {Aonidiella orientalis} . Scale insects were observed in neem trees (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) planted in Shambatarea near the bank of the Nile in Khartoum State.

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Host records include species of: These authors also indicated the potential of the parasite Comperiella bifasciata and the predator Chilocorus nigrita as biological control agents. Male wingspot color Odonata. The dispersal phase of A. In this species, the female forms a flat, circular scale which is white, brown, or yellow in color. Journal of Arid Environments 40 2 — The females subsequently remain immobile, with successive moults adding to the size of the scale.

Indian Lac Research Institute Bulletin, Survey of the insect and mite pests associated with date palm trees in Al-Dakhliya region, Sultanate of Oman. Aonidiella orientalis is easily distinguished from most other Aonidiella species, as the prosoma of the adult female is less heavily sclerotized and fails to become strongly reniform at maturity AOINORS.

Comments Aonidiella orientalis is probably eastern Asian in origin. In India and Indonesia, A. It has been recorded as a pest on papaya fruit in Malaysia Chua and Wood, and guava Psidium guajava in India Hayes, Hayat listed a number of other parasitoids known to attack A.


Aonidiella orientalis

The adult female is less strongly reniform than typical for its genus, with less developed prosomatic lobes McKenzie, New records of mealybugs, scale aoindiella, and whiteflies Hemiptera: Diaspididae of the World 2. The species was reported to be a relatively new introduction to the South Pacific region by Williams and Watson,and therefore to be of potential phytosanitary risk.

There is no record from A. Female wingspot color Odonata. It has been redescribed as Aspidiotus osbeckiae Green, from Osbeckia in Sri Lanka, as Aspidiotus cocotiphagus Marlatt, from coconut in Cuba, and as Chrysomphalus pedroniformis Cockerell and Robinson, from grapes in the Philippines. Bionomics and management of oriental yellow scale, Aonidiella orientalis Newstead Homoptera: Arthropods of Economic Importance. In Nigeria, Niger and northern Cameroon, A.

Comperiella lemniscata was introduced from Hainan Island in China and from the Torres Strait in northern Queensland, and released during The greatest economic impact attributed to A. Flowers and fruits fail to develop. Juss by Aonidiella orientalis Newstead Hemiptera: Close Find out more.

Natural History Natural History. Rajagopal and Krishnamoorthy indicated the potential of the parasite Comperiella bifasciata and the predator Chilocorus nigrita as biological control agents.

India Biodiversity Portal

Distribution Top orienttalis page A. There are three generations per year in India Glover, Aonidiella orientalis Newstead, If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Present status of arthropod fauna in mango orchards in Israel.

Successful parasitoid control of Aonidiella orientalis Newstead Hemiptera: Datasheet Aonidiella orientalis oriental yellow scale. Detection and inspection methods Direct inspections can be made of leaves, aided by a x8 hand lens and a powerful torch if required, or by a dissection microscope in the laboratory. It can be found nearly worldwide today because it has been introduced to many areas with shipments of plants and then began a slow spread.


The winged males are yellow, about 1 mm in length, with oval, grey shields and the exuvium of the 1st instar is placed near one end. However, it is similar to A. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

Successful parasitoid control of Aonidiella orientalis Newstead Hemiptera: McKenzie,provided a key to separate the species of Aonidiepla. The control of the oientalis red scale, Aonidiella orientalis Newstead and the California red scale, A.

Comperiella bifasciata and C. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. Diaspididae on Carica papaya Zonidiella. Aspidiotus pedronis Green, Male eye color Odonata.

Remember me Forgot password? Natural enemies have been trialed in Queensland’s papaya groves. However, members of Chrysomphalus lack sclerotization of the prosoma and have a paraphysis between the second and third lobes on either side, that is usually longer than a nearby lobe.

Australian Journal of Entomology37 1 Elder RJ; Smith D,

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