AutoForm offers software solutions for the die-making and sheet metal forming industries along the entire process chain. With over employees, AutoForm is . Mar 7, According to Mr. Anders Skogsgårdh, Manager of Engineering, Simulation at Volvo Cars Body Components in Sweden, AutoForm-Sigma will. Effective Process Planning. AutoForm-ProcessExplorer^plus · AutoForm- ProcessExplorer. Simulation Setup and Results Evaluation. AutoForm-Sigma^ plus.

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Learn more about cookies and the information collected by our web site in our Privacy Policy. The AutoForm-Sigma plus software module is specialized for analyzing and improving the robustness of sheet metal products atuoform processes.

It serves to improve and validate the forming process, and to reduce or eliminate part rejects. With AutoForm-Sigma plusproducts and processes can be designed so that the resulting manufacturing process is most efficient and stable while meeting desired quality targets. The influence and sensitivity of design parameters are easily analyzed which leads to improved process know-how and shorter development times.


In addition, statistical process control techniques can already be applied in the design phase, sigms into account the noise and variability that are inherent in the forming process. Therefore, sheet metal formers can address and solve key manufacturing problems much before going into production, with obvious advantages.

Software Solutions for Sheet Metal Forming | AutoForm Engineering

AutoForm-Sigma plus is fully integrated into the AutoForm work environment. Unique on the market, it automatically analyzes and displays the autofrm e. No other software offers this new methodology which can be used by die face designers and engineers, without requiring years of specialized expertise. Brochure — Software for Robust Processes.

AutoForm-OneStep^forCATIA | Products | AutoForm Engineering

Brochure — Software for Tryout and Production Support. This product may practice sibma or more of the following patents owned by or available to AutoForm Engineering GmbH, Switzerland: European patents,,US patents,,,and JP patents, Do you have any question?

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