Egypt’s best known journalist presents an indictment of Sadat’s domestic and international policies, finding his role of superstar of the media purchased at the. Mohamed Hassanein Heikal, the renowned Egyptian journalist, writes on the first page of Autumn of Fury that he was “very fond of Sadat as a man.” The reader. Autumn of Fury: The Assassination of Sadat During the few moments that passed between the murder of Sadat and the seizure of his.

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Heikal implies that the abandonment of Nasser’s policies of socialism, neutralism, and pan-Arabism explains Egypt’s present woes. The economic opening of Egypt in ended the effort to build a socialist economy and paved the way for maldistribution of income and massive corruption. But criticism of Sadat’s international policy is less damning than charges relating to domestic affairs.

Heikal’s description of the Camp David accords is so distorted, the accords are almost unrecognizable: Reasoned disagreement is welcome but not comments that are scurrilous, off-topic, commercial, disparaging religions, or otherwise inappropriate. For complete regulations, see the “Guidelines for Reader Comments”. For Heikal’s charges to stick, he must be above suspicion and his reliability must be established. He would read the papers in bed, paying particular attention to al1 the items concerning himself.

Instead, Sadat “was not really interested in exploiting the initial victories of Egyptian arms, On the one hand, he dismisses as “an implausible story” documented accounts of Mu’ammar al-Qaddafi’s wanting to assassinate Sadat.

Even persons not privy to the inner councils of Sadat’s government can see for themselves the faults of Autumn of Fury, for it distorts matters of public record.

Autimn the other hand, he seriously considers the notion that the CIA arranged for Sadat’s assassination, deciding against this explanation assassinagion because “Sadat’s regime was still able to serve American interests in the Middle East.


I do not like to talk about these topics. In the account of events leading up to the Jerusalem trip, Heikal omits the critical joint U. Husni Mubarak, vice president of Egypt through most of Sadat’s rule and now presidentsaid the book includes “events which I myself witnessed. Here, substantiating the charge that Sadat was self-indulgent and isolated, is an account of the President’s daily routine:. Today, as the most visible and articulate keeper of the Nasserist legacy, his abiding desire is to reinstate Nasser’s reputation and policies.

Courage and vision had no role in Sadat’s decision to go to Jerusalem in November Sadat arrested the loyal opposition and mishandled the growing Islamic and Coptic movements.


Translations of this item: Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert.

Egypt receive ahtumn latest by email: In his effort to condemn everything associated with Sadat, Heikal ends up justifying any force that opposed him, even his killers. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting. He fails both tests.

AUTUMN OF FURY: The Assassination of Sadat by Mohamed Heikal | Kirkus Reviews

A caustic account of the career of Anwar Sadat, by Egypt’s most eminent journalist The Road to Ramadan, The Sphinx and the Commissarwhich amounts to a justification of his assassination by Muslim fundamentalists in October Once a year he personally supervised “a bonfire in which all papers he thought would be better forgotten were destroyed”—papers dealing with the disbursement of secret funds and transcriptions of telephone conversations.

See recent outstanding comments. I do not wish to mention the events. Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Heikal rose to prominence as Nasser’s personal confidant, and for many years he served as the Egyptian government’s spokesman.

Is he candid about his objectives or does he have hidden motives?


A more persuasive case against Sadat would analyze why he was alone in the quest for peace, and therefore could not negotiate a broader settlement, and why Egypt’s economic problems have defeated both Nasser’s socialism and Sadat’s free-enterprise policies. But the real purpose is quite different; to revive the memory of Aitumn predecessor, Gamal Abdul Nasser.

He repeatedly took priceless Egyptian antiquities off display at the Egyptian Museum and gave them to foreign friends. Tax-IDapproved Adsassination.

Autumn of fury : the assassination of Sadat / Mohamed Heikal – Details – Trove

But is it true? For this reason, each mention of Nasser in this book is uncritical—no, lyrical: A mint tea would be followed by dinner, A polemic written with the single-minded purpose of destroying a man’s reputation cannot be relied upon as biography. The argument’s credibility is diminished by Heikal’s scapegoating of Sadat for Egypt’s assxssination Yemenite adventures under Nasser and indicting him for not exploiting the Arab “”victory”” inwhile ignoring the military and political forces arrayed against him.

Rather, this was a political maneuver to escape domestic economic problems, nothing more: Heikal condemns every one of Sadat’s major policies, saadt the expulsion of the Russian advisers ineconomic liberalization inand peace assaassination Israel in The rejection of neutralism made Egypt a ward of the U.

The absence of documentation—only a handful of footnotes and almost no attributions—makes it impossible independently to verify Heikal’s assertions. He says that Jimmy Carter was “of course delighted” by Sadat’s trip; anyone who watched television that day will remember the President’s dour reaction as he came out of church. Heikal, the last Nasserist, is dead at How can one believe his narrative on less-known matters?

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