Bee Season [Myla Goldberg] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An ordinary girl with an exceptional gift for spelling, young Eliza Naumann . An eccentric family falls apart at the seams in an absorbing debut that finds congruencies between the elementary school spelling-bee circuit, Jewish mysticism. As Eliza’s linguistic prowess takes her nearer to the national finals, the family finally begins to unravel.

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Yet he refuses to see the similarities between what he is trying to teach his daughter and the choice of Hare Krishna religion that his son has chosen. I liked these characters in the beginning of the book but after they spent the whole book spiralling down in their own versions of maddness, I just wasn’t really interested in their story I hated the narration.

The biggest part of my research involved learning about Hare Krishnas. I was really drawn into it and when I finished, I found so many ways to interpret the final scene. I didn’t see the Naumann family as at all eccentric. I think the author showed that.

Jul 18, flowairblue rated it really liked it. Unfortunately about halfway through it became tedious and seemed to take a different direction. Myka her surprising triumph in a classroom spelling bee and her ascent to the national championships launch Eliza into the spotlight, radically altering the family dynamics.

It’s a build up of Eliza and her mother’s story wasn’t every really there, and didn’t mean anything. Before they got goldbedg the age where they realized they were in competition to be the smartest, most worthy child, they were a team, sfason to get the best pieces of cake in the synagogue. The story is haunting That’s exactly what happens in a family where love is based on merit. She is reprimanded time and again for going into a trance, for reading lists of words in secret and for not doing her school-work.


Your next book deals with a particularly virulent early twentieth century flu epidemic. Does Eliza accept her “mediocrity” without question?

Press reactions: Bee Season, by Myla Goldberg | Books | The Guardian

Jan 29, Kathleen Fowler rated it did not like it. Father, for example, is a theological scholar who feels himself a failure for never having experienced the spiritual transcendence he seeks. And in the mirror of the family, everyone develops into his or her own person.

Jan 28, Kaitlin rated it liked it.

I will attempt it mla. I couldn’t connect to any of them. The search for something spiritual they all share, the hints of Miriam’s mental imbalance in Aaron and Eliza, the way both parents are looking to their children to fulfill their dreams.


Jun 11, Sandy Thomson rated it it was ok Recommends it nee It seems like the author took two unrelated concepts — spelling and mysticism — and shoehorned them together into the same book. This format works well for the plot and what the book seemingly is attempting to do, yet overall I think the narrative as a whole falls just short of revealing its own intended truth.

So yes, Bee Season is a great read I devoured it in two hot-and-heavy days and it makes some very groovy connections be This book is totally about my family and my childhood, except it was written by Myla Goldberg. And Eliza, who is, in the beginning of the book, a sweet, if a little neglected little girl who has finally been discovered a talent and begins goldbrrg shine, in the end becomes someone who has experienced such a terrifying feeling and sees God and becomes mature, and deliberately misspells a letter in the bee contest.


It’s more like 3. While the condition of the family is the arena in which they operate, none of these ‘neuroses’ has its origin in the family itself.

By the last 10 or so pages, Myla Goldberg, the author, neatly wraps it up with an explaination that is all together unbelievable and unacceptable. The writing presented such PERFECT images in my head like Miriam’s “kaleidoscope” and Eliza’s epiphanyseeing someone else’s vision of it would absolutely kill myl for me.

When Miriam’s goldbrg life triggers a familial explosion, it is Eliza who must order the chaos. The main character is in fifth grade for the majority of the book, but there are quite a few sex scenes and references to sex and drugs. In the two days I spent there watching the bee, interviewing some of the contestants and eavesdropping, I felt I had entered an alternate universe of anxiety and expectation ruled by one of the most arbitrary of systems: And my group did talk about it.

Oh, Chinua Achebe, you go everywhere with me. Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group.

Saul, the father, is a stay-at-home dad and obsessive, self-taught Kabballist.

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