Praise for Socket Programming Guide. When I first wrote Beej’s Guide to. Beej’s Guide to Network Programming. Using Internet Sockets. Brian “Beej Jorgensen” Hall. Returns a new socket descriptor that you can use to do sockety things with.

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Your outgoing data stream looks like this:. What happens if a socket in the read set closes the connection?

Beej’s Guide to Network Programming Using Internet Sockets

See the sendall function implementation for details. That’s right, the firewall! To be sure, you should check your local man pages.

TCP makes sure your data arrives sequentially and error-free. Now, the above code snippet isn’t very robust because there is no error checking. This is what our sample server does in the next section. In progrwmming, the man pages are no use, as you’ve probably discovered.

What happens if a socket in the read set closes the connection? If you still get errors, you could try further adding a ” -lxnet ” to the end of that command line.

Progrqmming you set the fields in your struct timeval to 0select will timeout immediately, effectively polling all the file descriptors in your sets. The Physical Layer is the hardware serial, Ethernet, etc. What you can do is declare an array big enough for two packets. You hear talk of ” sockets” all the time, and perhaps you are wondering just what they are exactly.


See, I don’t stand behind a single word of this document, legally speaking. For instance, you can get your host name, and then call gethostbyname to find out your IP address. That will print the IP address.

Take telnetfor instance. I remember reading it when I was doing my Computer Science degree back in When you’re sending this data, you should be safe and use a command similar to sendallabove, so you know all the data is progrmming, even if it takes multiple calls to send to get it all out.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Use gettimeofday if you need to track time elapsed. Of course, there is more than this, but this is what applies to the guide. The web just happens to be the perfect vehicle. If the packets are variable length, how does the receiver know when one packet ends and another begins?

Beej’s Guide to Network Programming

Notice I check to see when the listener socket is ready to read. They are all just for me. It changes or “encodes”, if you want to think of it that way a number from whatever the host format is into Network Byte Order.


In IPv4, the loopback address is Note that this is a linked list: And maybe even sigaction. But if I run it on my local machine, it receives all the data at the same time. To free a socket descriptor, you need to use close. Low level Nonsense and Network Theory 3. Fortunately for you, there are a bunch of functions that allow you to manipulate IP addresses. I have every reason to disbelieve large numbers. This is one of the perks of using unconnected datagram sockets!

Beej’s Guide to Network Programming Using Internet Sockets

This one is quite easy but dangerous! See the recv man page for flag information. So you send all this stuff to the clients as it comes in. Thus, there are 1, microseconds in a sockst. When a remote machine wants to connect to your server program, it needs two pieces of information:

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