By Bernice Rubens Published by Eyre & Spottiswoode Norman is the clever one of a close-knit Jewish family in the East End of London. Infant prodigy; brilliant. Despite the often grim subject matter of her books, Bernice Rubens wrote Her best-known novel, The Elected Member, explored loneliness. The Elected Member is a Booker Prize-winning novel by Welsh writer Bernice Rubens. Plot[edit]. The novel’s main character is Norman Zweck, who is addicted .

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Monday 31 December Bdrnice you read this book too? And there’s one question that membdr won’t stop nagging at her – a question she’ll have to find an answer to before her time in Paris is up. Philanthropist and heir to the Littlewoods empire who became a generous patron of the arts.

Really enjoyed this book. Norman certainly had his share of berniice, and was not an innocent in terms of his family’s problems, but I still wonder about his ailments. Paris has all kinds of surprises in store for Rachael, who’s more used to countryside lanes than Coco Chanel, including a handsome photographer.

The tragicomic exposing of the dynamics of family dystopia, the ‘patient’ elected to be the carrier of all ills, and the craziness of some aspects of the psychiatric system. The family patriarch Rabbi Zweck immigrates to London, settles in the Jewish neighborhood and has three children.

The Elected Member

It addresses so much, from insanity to faith to family pain and betrayal. Information for Authors Press Booksellers and Distributors. A beautifully crafted novel. Norman Zweck is a year-old London barrister, struck down in his prime because of his addiction. Army officer who knocked out two Tiger tanks in Germany.

I Sent A Letter to My Lovea bleak account of the erotic longings of two lonely people, was made into a film starring Simone Signoret in Quotes from The Elected Member.

This is not a cheerful story and the book could have become dreary, but is lifted a little by the return of the long estranged younger daughter. Yet the wheels of politics are grinding in the background. Bernice Rubens returned to her Jewish heritage in the novel Brotherswhich follows several generations of a Ekected Jewish family moving through Europe fleeing persecution.


There’s also the simple appeal of sustained, quality writing. The reflective and nostalgic reminiscence is in contrast with the present day action, where both the care home and the family home are places of turmoil and chaos.

The novel moves from intense emotion to humour and pathos to the frightening realisation that those who are surrounded by the insane quickly mebmer insane themselves. This is my first Bernice Rubens and I loved it.

The Mookse and th Jan 11, Cheryl rated it it was amazing. After studying English at the University of Wales in Cardiff, where she was president of both the Socialist and the music societies, Bernice Rubens became a schoolteacher in Birmingham and then in London, where she became a film director and scriptwriter.

Jun 28, Val rated it really liked it Shelves: The writing is beautiful Splendidly sane, compassionate and often grotesquely funny. Trivia About The Elected Member. Our Authors See all Authors. Her need to run away was rash however, and she is now trapped in a household where she feels no love for her husband the saintly sinner John, who knows their marriage will never be consummated but who loves his wife nonetheless.

Review: The Elected Member, by Bernice Rubens – Musings

Arthur can’t say yes – it would be too awkward; he can’t say no – it would look like defeat. You can preview and edit on the next page. As a little girl during the war, Anna watched an Englishman arrive at the house, seeking shelter tne the Germans. How will the looming disaster affect those fragile lives caught up in the invasion?

Jan 05, Joe rated it really liked it Shelves: The Elected Member maintains a relevance outside its own era, but it’s an interesting curiosity, nevertheless, and not just as an early Booker winner. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip membeer navigation.


Some Yiddish words are used throughout the narrative which require the reader to do some research on their meanings and cultural connotations. For those who love the writings and work of R.

Bernice Rubens

For example [my story] would show as my story on the Web page containing your story. Somewhere in southern Germany they decide, on a whim, to visit Czechoslovakia where Alexander Dubcek’s ‘socialism with a human face’ is smiling on the world.

He was a brilliant lawyer but now he is locked up in the family home where he sees silverfish everywhere.

One of London’s minor communities, the Jewish community is studied at a very personal level and this study reveals Middleton’s mastery over the subject.

Her last novel, The Sergeants’ Tale, was published in Her fourth novel, The Elected Member, won the Booker prize. Only Bella, the unmarried sister, still in her childhood white ankle socks, can reach across the abyss of pain to bring father and son the elusive peace which they both desperately crave.

Intwo young Americans meet in Verdun, the city in France where one of the most devastating battles of the war was waged. Free trip to Paris: She had begun to write when her children were at nursery school. The voice is first person narrative, with the perspective shifting to each of the main characters in due course. Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window.

The doctor convinces them that, with Norman’s repeated relapses, the only way to help him is to commit him to a home, where he can be rehabilitated. Micro-Resilience by Bonnie St.

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