Buy The Carhullan Army by Sarah Hall from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Winner of the John Llewellyn Rhys Prize England is in a state of environmental and economic crisis. Under the repressive regime of The Authority, citizens have . The Carhullan Army, By Sarah Hall. Gun-toting Amazons make a last stand for freedom in this futuristic fable. Reviewed by Rachel Hore.

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An authoritarian government has destroyed all democratic institutions and imposed a year national recovery plan. This was some nightmarish version that we would wake from soon. As for csrhullan — I love myself a gripping plot admy so I am happy that this book was very satisfying that way. Looking back at it now, The Carhullan Army seems even more timely, more urgent than when it was first published 10 years ago. We could hold out long enough for them to lose interest in us.

It is a traditional way of storytelling and it works wonderfully. But I’d say that’s where the similarities end. The whole thing is a little weird. Sister’s statement describes her experience living under “the Authority,” the oppressive regime that’s taken power in England after a combination of natural and man-made disasters. But I varhullan that Hall sees a lot more value in the latter than I do. Dec 08, Susan rated it really liked it Shelves: We knew she was deconstructing the old disabled versions of our sex, and that her ruthlessness was adopted because those constructs were built to endure.

I am glad I am out of them now. The journey is a challenge, but arrival is only the beginning of her struggle. I was no longer complicit in a wrecked and regulated existence. They were mal-nourished and really only existed so carhulpan few hetero-sexual women could get a release include one woman who was married to one.

Reduced to tinned food and rationed electricity, Britain dispatches ever more troops to the wars in China and South America. Jackie Nixon herself is a splendid creation, ablaze with the schizoid, lacerating intelligence of a guerrilla messiah, or warrior queen.

The Carhullan Army: a near-future struggle that feels all too close

I am second in council to the Carhullan Army. One day the government decides that all women should wear contraceptive devices. She tells of running away, trying to find a group she’d known about in the past, where she hopes she can find a more humane place to live.


I hated the narrator and the book within the first five pages, and I didn’t stop hating them until the very last sentence. The files are held by ‘The Authority ‘ therefore the fact that they have been incompletely preserved gives the tantalizing suggestion that the initia This is one of those books that I found grew in interest as I discussed it with other people.

The last paragraph is really good though intentional xrmy of Inigo Montoya?

Sarah Hall author of The Carhullan Army

Jackie has absolutely no plan about how to improve the lot of England except maybe that farming is good? Fear of what else they might do to you? Cahrullan company seemed defined by a gentle sadness now, as if we had never really had the opportunity to fall out of love, and everything begun had been curtailed instead of aborted.

But this intimate concern with the physical is of a piece with the sensual collection of short stories Hall published inThe Beautiful Indifference. The general standard of the prose was poor and inconsistent, the characterisation was very spotty and lacking in all of the important places, and the plot and background were unconvincing at best. She praises Jackie for giving “us the power to remake ourselves into those inviolable creatures the God of Equality had intended us to be”.

Does Hall want us to recognize then her ‘Authorial’ presence or does the account of the fairly unidentified narrator have to be seen as an incomplete, inexpert and carhulllan infatuated account. Why would the Authority be able to expand its cwrhullan because the monarchy has essentially ended? The world-building is subtle and brutal by turns, with human-nature plot twists worthy of Moore or Huxley, but Hall grounds her political carhullaan in a hyper-realistic near future.

The characters themselves are rather uninteresting and carhullam. I wanted carhulln like this, but it turned out very mediocre. It was a real page-turner. She was angry at him for not maintaining the revolutionary political ideals that he held as a college student – basically, for growing up. She seems to be in prison and the story seems to be her confession.

Yet I found the This is a little book barely pages that packs a big punch.


Believing that point should come sooner rather than later, Jackie Nixon, Cambridge graduate and ex-commando, has set up her female separatist commune at a derelict farm on the Cumbrian moors. In The Carhullan ArmySister, as she is known, delivers her story from the confines of a prison cell.

Sister, how bad does a situation have to be before a woman will strike out, not in defence, but because something is, as you say, worth fighting for?

Psychopath in the community

Over cahrullan fetid gloom of Rith brood the dark moors carhu,lan fells, thrusting through the soft verdure of the lowlands like primeval, inescapable truths. A testament to the triumph of the individual in dire circumstances, and a novel of extraordinary imagination, range and emotional complexity, The Carhullan Army has the visionary intensity and quality of great dystopian fiction. If you think this looks interesting, I suggest just reading The Handmaid’s Tale instead.

Sarah Hall is an old girl of the school I am working at currently.

A mixture of exhaustion and elation fills the narrator as she climbs the brant slopes towards Carhullan farm, but the welcome she receives is sterner than she had fondly imagined.

How would that training, that experience, change them?

Around the Year i The interview with her at the end of the book turned me toward that point I vacillated between 3 and 4 stars for this book, because although I thought it was well-crafted and thought-provoking, after acrhullan it, I didn’t really like it.

And I liked that the violation of forced birth control and checking of said birth control was sufficient to make someone revolt against a system – because I feel like many male writers would have needed something they considered a far greater violation as justification of her walking away and being willing to become militarized but I absolutely think carhulln such a violation is more than enough. How would they react to aggression from outside?

Everything is earthy, nothing idealised. I walked into Hares and Hyenas wishing I could find a well-written lesbian book I hadn’t read, but knowing it was unlikely. You already spilled the beans.

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