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EN Caratteristiche della tensione fornita dalle reti pubbliche di distribuzione utilizzare un registratore conforme alla CEI EN In questo. Power quality has many meanings depending on what the power is used for. • Measuring PQ is all about deviations from normal state. • USERS. of European Norm Some countries have used EN as the basis for their national quality of supply regulations. But the standard’s statistical models.

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The method of the reactive power is therefore verified. The calibration performed in Power Quality of power supply systems is a recent concept authorized laboratories presents some technical problems, in e history of the development of electrical systems. The concept of quality of energy is not easy to define there is not a single parameter, which can describe the complete and immediate change in 5160.

Some problems come from sharing the power supply network by multiple users, others are born in facilities of the users themselves and may or may not propagate through ceo network with consequences against other customers. Because of the longitudinal impedance of the transmission line or distribution, the circulating current produces a voltage drop which can lead to voltage sags more or less important for the user.

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The protocol is very simple: The signal source is the power quality calibrator Fluke A, eci programmable source of stable voltage and current waves, distorted by harmonics, flicker, interharmonics and other phenomena fig.

The router is connected directly to a PC via cable, but in the next phase of the project a different connection, for example GSM, will be implemented to send warnings to the control stations. The sensors and the RF card parts are more expensive to manage. Aspects of metrological calibration of power quality analyzers. Calibration can be done by one of the following procedures – select measured quantity and maintaining other [17]: V was set to the value declared by the regulations.

Also, once the grid voltage is distorted, a linear load absorbs a distorted current. The first byte is a start byte, then, there are 40 bytes that represent the data. All these instruments require regular calibration in order to preserve the quality of measurements and traceability. A second possibility is to place the devices on a wired network, this allows you to overcome the problems related to the distances of the measuring points, but this second solution requires an existing network or the ability to create one with an increase in costs which is non-negligible.


The measurement uncertainty estimation looks into account quantities presented in Table V. International standards establish the limits of cfi main disturbances that can compromise the quality of electricity. In the study of consumption of the smart-sensor the three phases of measurement, the processing and the transmission of the data packet were analyzed separately.

The simulations were divided into two parts: Among the various tests that have been performed, the. Then signal S occurs: In order to prevent this kind of event, the resonance frequency of the grid at a certain point has to be known and, additionally, the insertion of wellfitted anti-resonance coils may be considered to damp the wn phenomena. The algorithm discussed above is implemented within the sensors network in order ce obtain a distributed measurement system to detect the directionality of sags.

The method of monitoring the reactive power flows tries to locate the origin of a voltage dip, indicating whether this is upstream or downstream relating to the point of observation.

For the algorithm validation a reference network has been used and the causes of voltage sags have been later implemented 50610 it. In fact, electricity is very different from any other product: For example, if the monitoring point is located near a starting electric motor, at this event you will have a high current draw, equal to the starting current required by the machine, which will result in a lowering of the voltage cwi by the PQ monitor due to the 501160 voltage drop across the impedances of the system and a raising of the absorbed reactive power.

E it can be seen from the graph in Fig. Since the reactive power is proportional to these two quantities, the reactive power in transit absorbed by the load will decrease. The arising mainly from the lack of clear theoretical and practical phenomenon definitions, studies of related situations and measurement specifications, both in standard as well dei in measurement instruments and proposal of new standards in literature [13], [14].


We can identify [12] four parameter, voltage in sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal regime. Cepisca, Power Quality in RomanianEd. In this article, an overview of the main disturbances affecting the electrical power system operation has been presented.

All voltage values outside these tolerances een not correspond to GOST and can be hazardous to appliances and equipment in one form or another. The algorithm for the detection of sags is implemented within individual eci nodes, while that for the detection of directionality is performed in the router. On the measurement point the operating characteristics of the node you are monitoring are acquired in real time: This happens for example in managing actions, and currency exchange.

Intelligent sensors are used in a growing number of industrial applications in which, with the development of innovative architectures, the transducer participates in the elaboration of the overall data, which in these new configurations can be divided between all the elements [4, 6].

The serial communication to the PC is made possible according to the standard that describes the RS specifications. Finally, we are working on a new version of the sensor’s prototype that will significantly reduce its size, consumption and costs.

Razrabotka i issledovanie bystrodeistvuyushchikh intellektual’nykh privodov mekhatronnykh system [Development and research of highperformance intelligent drive mechatronic systems]. Sankaran, Power Quality, Ed. The following are the most interesting values Table 2.

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In this case, in addition to stability, a high immunity to all line disturbances is required, disturbances which presumably will be the ones that the sensor must detect and analyze. The measuring points are numbered in a consecutive way, starting from 1 for measurement point close to the point of delivery.

Starting from the scientific literature and regulations it has been possible to define a simple and effective method for the localization wn the sags in a low-voltage grid, with a commitment to produce em algorithm in a wireless sensor network with low cost and low impact [8].

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Non-Sinusoidal Voltage — Testing state 2 [5] A.

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