First volume of Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum containing Asokan inscriptions was edited by A. Cunningham and brought out in the year and later on its. Title – Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, Vol.1 Inscriptions Of Asoka. Author – Hultzsch, E. Language – english. Pages – Publication Year – Barcode EAN. Barcode: Title – Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum vol. 3. Author – Fleet, John Faithfull. Language – english. Pages – Publication Year –

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Ghai Vol.

Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum Volume I, Inscriptions Of Asoka

Page – During a past period of many centuries, there have prevailed — destruction of life, injury of living beings, disrespect towards kindred, and irreverence towards Sramans and Brahmans. Inscriptions of the Paramaras, Chandellas, Kachchapaghatas and two minor Dynasity ed.

Each of these volumes contain detailed description and critical notes on inscriptions belonging to a particular dynasty or a particular period of history, edited by distinguished scholars both from the department and outside. But now, in conformity to moral duty, the pious proclamation of king Priyadasi, the beloved of the gods, is made by beat of drum, in a manner never before performed for hundreds of years, with chariot and elephant processions, and fireworks and other divine inscriptionkm of the people exhibiting the ceremonies and this Page 45 – Buruouf, translations of the same Sanskrit works that are known in the north.


So far, seven volumes of this series have been published.

Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum – Wikipedia

Language of the Inscriptions. The thin letters in the middle of the west compartment I have added from the other texts so as to show exactly how much is missing in this part. From the love of virtue, by the side of which all other things are as sins — from the strict scrutiny indicqrum sin, — and from a.

Confess and believe in God [Isana], who is the worthy object of obedience. First Separate Edict Dhauli and Jaugada.

Trivedi Vol.

For Business Inquiries please write to: The descriptions include images of the original inscription if available, drawings showing the letters in their original size and position, and an interpretation reconstructing abbreviations and missing words, along with discussion of issues and problems.

Delhi Siwalik Pillab Edicts 1 to 4. Page – But upon how many living beings I will pass over the mention of other things do I confer happiness here: Whoever acts differently injures his own religion while he wrongs another’s. Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing- Inscriptions – pages.

Latin inscriptions Latin epigraphy Archaeological corpora Textual scholarship. They contain texts of all the inscriptions critically edited. The CIL presently consists of 17 volumes in about 70 parts, recording approximatelyinscriptions.

Volume XVII, for instance, is entirely devoted to milestones.


Inscriptions of the Early Gupta Kings, ed. Epigraphical Studies Legislations Publications Video. Page – Much longing after the things [of this life] is a disobedience, I again declare ; not less so is the laborious ambition of dominion by a prince who would incriptionum a propitiator of Heaven. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

I Inscription of the Kalachuri-chedi Era Vol. It forms an authoritative source for documenting the surviving epigraphy of classical antiquity. It is by no means established, therefore, that Pali was the sacred language of the Buddhists at the period of the inscriptions, and its use constitutes no conclusive proof of their Buddhist origin. Selected pages Title Page. The Corpus continues to be updated in new editions and supplements.

The CIL collects all Latin inscriptions from the whole territory of the Roman Empire corups, ordering them geographically and systematically.

Erster Band, Zweiter Band. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Altogether nearly one-half of the inscription still remains. Much of the work involved personal inspections of sites and monuments in an attempt to replicate the original as much as possible.

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