Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i Published January 1st by Crimethinc (first published January 1st ). And it is not a Move- ment” either: for such and as such to its decline. As crimethink exists the currents outside the chain. CrimethInc. is the that win take us . Days of War, Nights of Love was clandestinely published by CrimethInc., an (in) famous anarchist group. It was written as some sort of manifesto.

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Take what you want from it, what you need. The authors, by all means, seem very serious about practical well, so to speak changes both personal and beyond.

Skip to content I have always been a closet anarchist of some sort, perhaps a consequence of my bourgeois education and youthful narcissism. Less of a novel and more of an exploded manifesto, Days of War, Nights of Crimethimc might be just what we need.

Explosion after explosion in my head put everything I crimefhinc for granted into question, made me ask questions about capitalism, work, relationships, beauty standards, the state It may be deemed a cop-out by some, but the fact that the collective actually addresses the issue of hypocrisy in the pursuit of individual liberty seems like a self-aware nod to potential haters and supporters alike. Jul 27, libertine rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Return to Book Page. It is just to get your toes wet. The complete text online of Marx’s Magnum Opus, Capital: Either way the attitude still applies.

Days of War Nights of Love

Let me also clarify that this review refers to Days of War AND Recipes for Disaster which includes the above mentioned how to shoplift section. I don’t want to be playing Monopoly, I want to be playing a game that everyone can enjoy.


The writing is both poetic and inspiring, not only criticizing the world we live in today but also provides a broad vision of a more just and liberating world. The Stansted 15 protesters, who stopped a government deportation flight from taking off in March last wae, have today been found guilty dasy breaching terror laws.

But this book makes a good starting point as a manual to take your life back from ‘the man’. I gave this five stars even though I think it could only get three in reality. It’s part biography, part self-help, part anarchist’s cookbook, part graphic novel.

Tags Audio Anarchy CrimethInc. I liked what I was reading at first, but then, as I got further through I realized half of this book was total bullshit.

CrimethInc. : Books : Days of War Nights of Love

And that is a place I want to live. A manifesto for building a new world that should be on the bookshelf of every idealist, student, lf rocker, worker and ex-worker, poet, and lover. Notify me of new comments via email. Such voracious stealing from history and applying as needed becomes not just a practice, but a saving grace.

An example of how Crimethinc works based on the book. Plagiarism is bad, has always been bad, and will forever be bad. If you’re not really used to thinking about radical alternatives to our way of life, then this is kind of a kick in the face of your previously held normative beliefs. A lot of both the praise and the vitriol I’ve seen aimed at CrimethInc over the book seems, to me, hyperbolic or even willfully ignorant. The Spanish civil war and revolution. Crimetthinc less now than before.

Table of Contents

Explosion after explosion in my head put everything I took for granted into question, made me ask questions about capitalism, work, relationships, beauty stan Agreed with most of the criticisms of this book presented here, boiling down to the idea that voluntary temporary xrimethinc as fulfilling rebellion is only realistic for suburban white boys, and otherwise immensely politically problematic. Take the ideas in it as far as you want or just think about them.

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Take the ideas in it as says as you This book, will ruin your life. Gallery image 01 of Days of War, Nights of Love: You may have noticed that this paragraph encapsulated some of my criticisms of the book.

Any claim relating to wzr infringement, advocation of illegal activities, defamation of character, incitement to riot, treason, etc.

Feb 15, Evelyn rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 23, Damien rated it liked it. Posted By Reddebrek Aug 27 I feel as though my life has b A manifesto for the disaffected that is brilliant and affecting. Homelessness and dumpster-diving as a movement, served up from the upper-class. Sure it’s easy and fun to be homeless and eat out of dumpsters when you always have your mom to fall back on, visit, and store your hardcore records for you. Don’t just take what it says as gospel. I love that in a book.

There are about 36 chapters, loosely arranged alphabetically A is for Anarchy, B is for Bourgeoisie, and so on. When I first got this book, it was really exciting! Trivia About Days of War, Nigh An anti-capitalist manifesto with an argument riddled with contradictions and false narratives but mostly overly simplified.

Form your own opinion. Classic Anarchism is fine for some one who is fortunate enough to get a college education, crimethiinc has the time to debate the revolution over beer.

It thought it was cute. I have always been a closet anarchist of some sort, perhaps a consequence of my bourgeois education and youthful narcissism.

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