On 1 November , Gerard Reve published what was to become one of the classics of Dutch literature. Set during the last ten dark days of , the story. Buy De Avonden by Gerard Reve (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The Evenings, by Gerard Reve, translated from the Dutch, De Avonden, by Sam Garrett, published by Pushkin Press, London, Jan. 31

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Gerard Reve Op weg naar het einde 15, The story is spectacularly boring, almost nothing happens in this re When I finished The Evenings tonight, the phrase that bubbled to the surface of my mind was Shelley’s Pinnacled dim in the intense inane.

Every afternoon he fears the coming evening — how on earth will he pass the time? Many of the conversations Frits gerxrd are superficial and meaningless.

In the modern age, you can imagine Frits being the type of person who starts debates in the YouTube comments. Then he wakes and acts as if nothing has happened. Kumar rated it liked it Shelves: For example, the second or third time Frits highlights the impending baldness of one of his friends one might legitimately furrow one’s brow, yet you come to look df to it, to gleefully anticipate it, the next time he runs into one of them. One of the features of Dutch is that it uses diminutive forms of words, as a way of expressing intimacy or familiarity — or superiority.

In winkelwagen Op verlanglijstje. Hooftprijs, Nederlands belangrijkste literaire toen nog staats- prijs voor letterkunde. Read it for yourself and see if you agree.

Gerard Reve: De avonden [The Evenings]

Het toont de horror van saaiheid en de wanhopige poging van de mens het bestaan betekenis te geven. Df looked at the clock. If you were not already revs to read it during school, then The Evenings is well worth a look. Reve isn’t the kind of novelist to give you a avondsn answer but the journey is quite a ride The Times Dark masterpiece Bekijk de hele lijst.


I take cards out of a file. That is worst of it all. He goes through the day This is really not a me book. He asks in English whether there is anything new and interesting to report. Dat is pas triest! Expat January 26, Twenty-three-year-old Frits van Egters lives with his parents, works at an office job, and spends his evenings wandering the streets of Amsterdam and visiting friends and relatives.

On 1 NovemberGerard Reve published what was to become one of the classics of Dutch literature. Translated from Dutch this novel tells of ten days in the life of Frits van Egters.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. He caused an uproar when he said that Apartheid was based on Christian ethics, not politics.

Wel vervulde hij nog een lang door hemzelf en de opvolgers van Geert van Oorschot gekoesterde wens door het sluiten van een overeenkomst voor de uitgave van de integrale briefwisseling tussen Van Oorschot en hemzelf, die de periode — omspant. His work and duties, thoughts and observations, company of immediate friends and acquaintances are enough to keep him occupied till the day sets in once more and he readies himself for tomorrow.

This an ancient book, mandatory at Dutch High-schools.

De avonden by Gerard Reve

In the s, the novel remained popular in the Netherlands, especially among adolescents who easily identified with the main character. See them in their need. When the voices grew louder, he chanted to himself. The novel is dark, funny, unsettling and lingers vividly in the mind. Having read the novel, I understand why it has been listed in the 10 favourite Dutch novels of all time. Please enter your name here.

So when I run into you, I at least abide by the terms of common courtesy. She harps and complains and he longs for peace and calm. Throughout The Evenings one has not only access to the young man’s words but his thoughts also, with the two often running concurrently.


The minimalism has to be rigorous, directed and consistent in order for it to work.

Boek – De avonden. Een winterverhaal – Letterenfonds

This moves and fails to move in all kinds of amusing rhythms and digressions, but the humor is, at heart, very dark. As we are taken through the 10 evenings that are described in the book, we build up a more detailed picture of the narrator, his family and acquaintances, and life in Amsterdam at the time the book is set, December He spends them procrastinating “Today would be an excellent opportunity to arrange things in here.

April 25 – The Evenings by Gerard Reve. De bronnen van entertainment zijn tegenwoordig een stuk minder schaars dan in de jaren ’50, waarin met name in dit Hoewel ik veel tragischere boeken heb gelezen, heeft geen van die boeken me zo kunnen deprimeren als ”De Avonden”. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on DutchReview. Fire a cannon beside his ear for a joke, he’ll ask if there’s someone at the door.

Its protagonist Frits van Egters muses on life, and desperately tries to fill his days and evenings with social visits to stave off boredom.

See this LA Review of Books interview for his general approach gegard translation. Welke opties voor jouw bestelling beschikbaar zijn, zie je bij het afronden van de bestelling. The story follows his ten mundane days, from 22nd of December through the New Years, spent in a pedestrian fashion with bickering, bantering, casual gossip and conversational relays that lead nowhere. Omstreeks verbrak hij de zakelijke en vriendschappelijke band met Geert van Oorschot.

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