View and Download DEGEN DE operation manual online. FM STEREO · MW (AM) DIGITAL RECORDER. DE Media Player pdf manual download. DEGEN DE FM/MW/SW DSP Radio/2GMP3/Recorder *Five tuning methods:(Auto – Scan / Manual Frequency Digital Tuning and ATS (Auto Tuning . 2nd generation Degen DE Ultra-Thin AM/FM/SW Radio with 2GB MP3. I would have rated this radio higher but it did not include a English manual, which .

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A great idea but it comes up short in a number of area’s. Manua our findings below. We also test the later and improved DE and DE models review near bottom of this page.

But is still nothing to get excited about. First “Defective” DE Sample: EX x Country of Manufacture: Our first sample arrived defective from the ebay vendor with intermittent receive and always on back light.

Defective radio was returned in a padded bag of 5. Replacement speed was as one could hope for a 2 week trip. But for a entire month possibility of waiting and buyer having dd1125 pay the cost of returning a defective sample are disconcerting issues. The intermittent reception issue appears to be mnual somewhat widespread issue with at least early samples.

From internet users reports and from our own disassembly of the test sample to verify the findings, it appears that a small soldered wire can stick out slightly from the metal LCD shroud to make contact with the whip antenna and may cause intermittent receiver dropouts shorts.

Degen attempted to insulate this area with a small piece of masking tape of all kinds of tape to useand was inadequate in some cases to create this issue. Weight is 81 grams without batteries. Powered by 3 internal and replaceable AAA batteries.

Thank goodness these are manuap of the high capacity type batterywhich have maanual self discharge rate that drops faster than a bowling ball rolling down a steep hill.

However quality of the batteries have been a turkey shoot as we have had dud ni-mh cells with other Degen radios in the past. All batteries insert and remove with ease. A number of times during the testing period we needed to use the rest button found on the sets rear panel mabual battery replacement.

Buttons have a good tactile response, and most are dual or triple function. Volume control is a 32 step electronic type with up down buttons on the side. External power scheme is similar to the short lived Grundig G4. Marked as to AC input, however it is not UL manusl. It kills MW completely and bothers SW reception almost as bad. Strong FM signals one may be able to get away with limited operation with the adapter.

The manual de1215 states to use as a charger only. In general mmanual functioned properly for charging use. The charging circuit is auto sensing type, so no timers are required to be set for the charge time. Just tap one button with the set off and that is it.

English manual for the Degen DE1125 – Degen DE15 FM Radio

It takes about 7 hours approximate to charge totally depleted cells with the included mah capacity batteries. Some early DE samples had a bug with the manusl circuit that Degen has admitted to with along with a quazi-cure see photo below. Early samples of the DE had a bug with internal battery charging.

  ISO 14693 PDF

Degen’s cure and “apologizes” in “Chinglish”. There is a status 2 color LED on the charger, but the manual misses what color means what. Information as given from the ebay vendor after I asked: It uses the North American style vertical 2 blade plug, so no adapter will be needed with use in the USA. It is not UL listed is Mnual.

DE User’s Manual Download

The MP3 player music or Rec voice modes are inoperable once the USB cable is attached either with a computer or included charger. So one is not able to operate these modes with the USB cable connected. Speaking of the owners manual, the English section coves most of the functions so one can understand basic operation even if parts are in scrambled Chinglish. This is a bit shorter than what we would have hoped for. Attached whip antenna is short 14 inches totalit does not swivel or rotate.

It does not appear to be robust at all either how long will it last?? The internal physical connection to the base of the whip is soldered glob directly via a a thin wire dd1125 spade lug or similar used. When headphones or ear-buds are used the cord becomes the antenna on the FM band. So one can leave the whip antenna down in this case but at reduced sensitivity. There is indeed a internal MW loop-stick for MW reception. It comes with a light cloth bag the normal brown color cloth that Degen usesbut it did not de115 of any nasty odors.

Not too great for any real protection however. The DE has good frequency coverage all around.

DEGEN DE1125 FM/MW/SW DSP Radio/2GMP3/Recorder

MW is between and kHz. LW coverage is not provided. SW is from 2.

FM coverage can also be user selected for between 64 and or 87 to MHz. Audio quality is adequately loud, depending what band is tuned and for what ever DSP noises are appearing as covered below it can be VERY annoying. So plenty of punch, however under certain conditions and when the volume is turned up, some cabinet resonating buzzing was heard. This is a real problem when the volume is turned up especially for any off air recording, again covered later. As one can tell by looking at the set, there is no direct keypad entry.

If you need to zip from one side of a SW band to the other say going from to kHzit going to be very poky going as there is no rapid tuning available. In this situation, one can put it in scan mode with the antenna down and put it back up once the desired area in the band is reached. One too has to wonder how well the up-down buttons will hold up in use with this very slow manual tuning arrangement??

Thank goodness there are SW band presets for at least the 49, 41, 31, 25, 22, 19 and 16 meter bands. There are total memories.

Memories enter and recall without too much hassle. The ATS and manual up-down scanning works well and somewhat offsets the lack of a tuning knob or keypad entry.


English manual for the Degen DE – Fixya

Additionally the memory channels are not battery backed non-volatile. However once the batteries are removed it takes less than 5 seconds for the clock and user settings MW step, clock format etc to reset.

Unattended timer off air radio recording is not possible, and neither is a alarm off time one has to manually shut it off. Sleep timer was done properly no auto sleep mode when powered up. One uses the tuning up-down tuning buttons to select the sleep time when the radio is off.

It can be selected for time between 5 to 90 minutes in 10 min steps. Snooze function is not provided. That is because it uses a real DSP receiver on a chip and is not done in the audio chain.

However the DSP adds so many artifacts and noises especially with weaker signals and at lower volume settings to make one wonder if the receiver is about ready to die at any second.

If the volume is turned up, the intensity of the DSP garbage is reduced, but never totally goes away either. Just receiving background static in-between stations can be abound with the strange DSP noises. Additionally weak signals that are fully receivable with the DE, pop in and out disconcertingly with the DE It may be heard OK one second and totally gone the next.

If the signal is strong enough it does ok, and the audio recovery is above average even with the weaker but receivable stations.

We never put a handle what might be going on here, AGC se1125 perhaps? Overall, this has to go down to be the worst EVER encountered with any true DSP receiver tested for weird spurious noises to make it almost totally useless.

SW sensitivity is fair at best with it’s very short whip. It overloads with a 20 foot wire attached and not only is there is the wall to wall overloading we also heard a local 1 kW local MW station bleeding all over the place.

If one would like to try a small boost to mznual, keep any attached thin wire to 3 to 4 feet maximum as discovered in testing. There is no external antenna jack and for good reason. FM sensitivity is good, not quite as well as with the DE The great selectivity helps greatly as well. It separates extremely tight Manuwl stations. You can separate station like no ones business here as well. We had a hard time listening to this radio at even 10 minute manuak before pain set in.

Strong signals par better, but not completely. FM does better of course with dr1125 wider bandwidth being used. Stability is rock solid as it should be. Excellent Timed Back light. The radio frequency display uses the un-standard Chinese XX. Thank goodness we have a very nice green LED back light. It only works in a 15 second timed mode, there is no option to make it continuous. This is a silly oversight.

We did notice slight interference to very weak signal reception when the back light was engaged.

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