Psicología social y problemas sociales (pp. ). Barcelona Jodelet. First name: Denise. E-mail: [email protected] Institution. Denise Jodelet. Surname: Jodelet. First name: Denise. E-mail: [email protected] Institution: School of Advanced Studies in Social. In the words of Denise Jodelet (, p. ), one of the most recognized authors in the theory of social representations: “all representation is.

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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc. Take a lool also at https: Social psychologist, specialized in the study of Social Representations she has directed various programs of research and doctoral thesis particularly in the domains of environment, health, memory, religion and arts in the Laboratoire de Psychologie sociale of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

She has taken the direction of this Laboratory after its founder, Serge Moscovici. Her work has led her to establish stretch collaborative relations with diverse universities in Europe, Latin and South America, Asia and Africa. She has published many books and articles, of theoretical and empirical nature, on social representations, pointing particularly on the fields of madness and mental health, body, health, memory.

She is currently oriented towards meaning construction and transmission through art and religion, giving attention to the imaginary dimension of social representations. Take a look also at https: The announcement of Serge Moscovici’s death on 15 November aroused an emotion in the scientific community, political circles and the media, which was reflected in the number of testimonies celebrating his multiple works, his social The announcement of Serge Moscovici’s death on 15 November aroused an emotion in the scientific community, political circles and the media, which was reflected in the number of testimonies celebrating his multiple works, his social commitment or evoking the history lived and the personality that underpinned them.

These testimonies have been scattered and so far no synthetic vision has been offered to identify the richness of the contributions of a thought whose empan covered all fields of the human and social sciences, opening up innovative perspectives for research. To honour this major figure in social sciences, the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, at the initiative of Serge Moscovici’s sons, organized an international conference in in Paris that brought together international specialists in the various fields to which this author has devoted his work social psychology, political ecology, social sciences.

This book is a record and an extension of this initiative.

It includes twenty texts by thirty authors, from thirteen different countries, influenced, marked and inspired by his unique work. Paris, Editions des Archives contemporaines. Paris, Editions des archives contemporaines. Editions des archives contemporaines Publication Date: Production of Knowledge and Social Representations. Jakarta, University of Indonesia. Interdisciplinaridade e diversidade de paradigmas.


Social PsychologyInterdisciplinarityand Social Representations. Universidade Federal do Mato grosso more. Social PsychologyAnthropologyand Social Representations. Social PsychologySocial Representationsand Culture.

Madness and Social Representations: Living with the Mad in One French Community. Berkeley, University of California Press. A striking account of a colony for the mentally ill that forces a reconsideration of madness in society. What happens when the mentally ill are not isolated from society but are instead welcomed into it and invited to deenise a place in the What happens when the mentally ill are not isolated from society but are instead welcomed into it and invited to take a place in the fabric of the community?

Are fear and rejection replaced by the understanding and sympathy often engendered by familiarity?


Representaciones sociales: un area en expansion

Or deniwe the barriers between the sane and the mad only strengthened? We have experienced a taste of this scenario in the U. Here the patients “lodgers” live with ordinary families “foster parents”hold jobs, and are free to move about the countryside.

Jodelet’s chronicle of daily life in the colony is made rich and vivid by fenise ethnographic material as she unravels a complex set of relationships, ultimately finding that while some of the barriers between the “other” and the larger society have been overcome, new ones have arisen in their place.

This unique social experiment provides invaluable social and cultural insights, illuminating many fundamental issues in psychology, psychiatry, and sociology. La Psychologie sociale, une discipline en mouvement.

Focused on a form of Memory which receives a new attention in the filed of research, the historical memory, that is representations of historical past, be it national, international, global or repesentaciones, the article examines the confrontation between scientific and popular versions of events related to slavery, in the French context. After having recalled the evolution of the relation between Memory and History and its consequences on the historian approach, it gives account of the legal and social context within which are formulated the conflicts between the claims of memorial groups and those of historical scientists.

The study of such a conflict of past interpretations gives evidence of the multiple buttressing of the past. History and Social and Collective Memory. In a previous paper Jodelet, we investigated the representations of a historical past, more specifically a conflict between memorial groups and specialists of historical science about the interpretation of the black slavery and slavery on the old french colonial Africa.

In this continuation of the previous paper, the point of view of the french population concerned by material and moral consequences of this historical episode is representacionea. This work in circumscribed in Nantes, a port city where the black slavery was the most important. The question here is not much to study doctrinal postures or institutionalized movements positions but to focus on collective responses that emerge jldelet the confrontation with past practices that have an impact on the image of the city and the feelings of the inhabitants.

This perspective allows us to deal with an important aspect of collective memory: Social representwciones Collective Memory. Social sciences and representations: The purpose of this article is to examine the potential contribution that the study of representations-an approach developed in the field of social psychology-can bring to the social sciences. At the outset, the discussion is based on the observation of the social sciences’ emerging interest in the relation between ordinary and scholarly knowledge, the social inscription of cognitive processes, the importance of the notion of “common”, the need to reconfigure the relationship among disciplines, and that representacioned considering the complexity of phenomena when addressing them.

The lines of problematization of this study are presented in a table summarizing the research space that concerns them. After discussing the scientific and political critiques of ‘representationalism’, a. Revista Sociedade e Estado. Social Representations and Representaciones Sociales. The Imaginary Formation of Cultural Otherness more.

The aim of the text is to give evidence of the imaginary dimensions of social representations. The issue concerns the images of otherness as they appear in narratives about their localisation in territories, place being a receptacle of The issue concerns the images of otherness as they appear in narratives about their localisation in territories, place being a receptacle of identity projections.

The narratives used are taken from literary and scientific texts, about Latin America and Orient. Referring to the theoretical proposals of G. Durand on anthropological structures of imagination, the texts analysis shows how the interplay between subjective desires and context constraints leads to construct genuine representations of otherness, giving to the latter properties that allow enhancing or criticizing the national and cultural identity of the narrators.


Durand’s model focuses on the way the marginal status of the individuals who construct the images, favours the intervention of imagination on representation and its role in innovation.

It is used here to examine how the social situation of the narrators, their refusal of occidental civilisation or their personal quest for change influence the way they relate to the otherness of countries and their history, people, nature and society. This process generates a positive idealization in the case of Latin America and an ambivalent or negative position towards oriental territories and populations pertaining to the late French colonial empire. Papers on Social Representations.

Social Representations and Imaginary. Dynamiques sociales et peurs collectives more. Nouvelle Revue de Psychosociologie. Social Representations and Fear. Social Representations and Beliefs. Je ne sais pas s’il sied de parler de la personne d’un chercheur dans une revue qui se veut exclusivement scientifique. Nouvelle Revue de Psychologie Sociale. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour, 38 4 Psychoanalysis, Its Image and Its Public is a perfect illustration of Tarde’s claim that ‘beautiful’ should be reserved for ideas that lead to a discovery of more ideas and to an invention that we can judge as fruitful for the future.

The article examines the influence of the book in geographical, historical and scientific contexts and traces the development and diffusion of the theory of social representations throughout four periods. The article highlights the difference between the first edition inand the second one inand it examines the development of Moscovici’s ideas over time. The first edition of Psychoanalysis, based on the criticism of sociology of knowledge, underlines common sense as a new object of study, attempting to capture complex social phenomena.

It shows common sense as a legitimate object of study that interweaves social, cultural and individual dimensions in the constitution of social reality. The edition emphasises that language and communication and its role in the theory of social joeelet. The book has had manifold impact on new areas of study. An overview of international research in social venise shows how this work has inspired scholars all over the world, has lead to creating Schools of research and to innovative proposals not only in terms of domains that have been studied but also in terms of theoretical models and methodological concerns.

Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour. Commentary on meanings of representacionrs ignorance. Social Science Information, 35 1 Social Science information, 4 1 Brazilian contributions to Community Psychology. Estudos de Psicologia, 18 1 This paper presents a research current that has spread demise Brazil: The analysis of some aspects of this subject allows for outlining some relevant remarks to subsidize our discussion: Resumo Brazilian contributions to Community Psychology.

Community Psychology and Social Psychology.

Denise Jodelet | EHESS-Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales –

The Moral and Affective Side of History. An Example representacioes Collective Memory: The Trial of K. Barbie, “The Butcher of Lyon”. Psicologia Politica, 56, In this synthesis, memory operates from three perspectives — those of the present directed to the past, of the past directed to the

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