The ELx continues our tradition of offering the tightest specifications of any microplate reader. Visit BioTek to learn more about our precision microplate. ELx Operator’s Manual. Revision History. Rev Date Changes. A. 1/96 First Release. B. 5/96 Revised reader specifications. Added Scanning. View and Download Biotek ELx operator’s manual online. Absorbance Microplate Reader. ELx Laboratory Equipment pdf manual download. Also for.

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Main Menu, and then select. Replace the cover, and verify that the white peg lines up with the correct voltage indicator hole. User Safety Part 1: Reading A Microplate Notify the carrier and your BioTek sales representative.

Only qualified technical personnel should perform service procedures on internal components. Getting Started With Gen5 Never use a plug adapter to connect primary power to eelx808 ELx power supply.

Page of Go.


Chapter 1 Introduction This chapter introduces the ELx Absorbance Microplate Reader and describes its hardware and software features, and technical specifications. The next standard control, or sample, would follow in B2. Error Codes fatal This appendix does not apply to ELx readers equipped with an external power supply.


Chapter 4 Instrument Qualification This chapter discusses the tasks and procedures necessary for qualifying instrument performance initially and on an ongoing basis.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Perform Liquid Test 2 Edit Standard Outliers Install The Filter Wheel Perform Liquid Test 3 “uv” Models Only Prompts For Well Location After the plate has been read, all requested reports will be generated.

Page of Go. Warnings And Precautions Getting Started with Gen Incubator Self Test Do majual power up the instrument until the voltage range to be used is indicated correctly by the peg. For assays defined onboard by a user AssayAssay55it is Page 12 Appendix B: Test Descriptions if equipped proper function of the incubator.

Install the Filter Wheel Page 35 Page 36 mamual 4: Page To define a cutoff formula for Positive and Negative calls: Selecting A Blank Map Page Chapter 4: Enter the assay number and edit the name if desired. Page Use a clean, dry lint-free cloth to dry all wet surfaces.

Biotek ELx808 Operator’s Manual

Since it is somewhat difficult to achieve high pipetting accuracy when conducting linear dilutions, an R Square value of at least 0. Selecting A Blank Location Transformation Formula Definition Part 1, General requirements. Hi how are you doing today is fun. Troubleshooting and Error Cod Table Of Contents Error Codes General Code. Shake Mode Selection Recommended Qualification Schedule Another Transformation Example Empty Carrier Test Add 95 mL of DI water; cap and shake well. Set the date and time.


Every ELx reader is fully tested at BioTek prior to shipment and should operate properly upon initial setup.

Error Codes (general) – Biotek ELx Operator’s Manual [Page ]

Perform The Tests Read Options 4-character alphanumeric name. Page Older-Style Module A failed fuse is usually an indication of another problem that a new fuse is not likely to remedy.

Page 90 Use the alpha and numeric keys to choose the well location to begin the assay. Page 48 Some readers have custom programmed assays installed.

Assay 8 mapping is complete. Use the alpha and numeric keys to choose the well location to begin the assay.

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