with traffic shaping · SSL VPN using web and tunnel mode · Preventing certificate warnings · High Availability with two FortiGates · IPsec VPN with FortiClient. This edition of the FortiGate Cookbook was written using FortiOS Most recipes in the FortiGate Cookbook use IPv4 security policies. However, the. The Philosophy of Psychology What is the relationship between common-sense, or ‘folk’, psychology and contemporary s.

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This page contains information, which will help you to prepare for the upgrade of FortiOS on your FortiGate unit.

Before you begin an upgrade you need to:. This requires credentials on the site.

Every time you perform an upgrade, you should carefully read the Release Notes of the firmware that you are upgrading to. Release Notes may include warnings or exception notices. The release notes can be found on the support site in the same directory as the firmware. The Fortinet Support Site can be found at https: During an upgrade, it is possible that more than just FortiOS has improved. These new engines or database overwrite the existing ones on your FortiGate. To be sure that you have the latest definitions and signatures in these new components, you should cookbookk running the command execute update-now as soon as any upgrades are completed and you have reestablished Internet connectivity.

Creating security policies – Fortinet Cookbook

However, if you have older firmware versions that are covered by the utility before 5. We recommend using a supported coombook of the firmware. We realize that there are some outlier circumstances that require the use of an older firmware version.

These tables are designed to go up to the latest build of a major firmware version. To keep the tables from becoming unwieldy, they do not all go back to the first version of the firmware. If you are attempting to upgrade to the latest build of 5.

High Availability with two FortiGates – Fortinet Cookbook

Most users run a more current than 4. If you upgrade from an even earlier version of the firmware, the 4. Some older FortiGate hardware platforms do not have the resources to effectively use the most recent firmware versions and so do not support firmware updates past a certain version.

To see if your device is affected by this check the Product Life Cycle page found at https: If the fodtigate you are looking up is not included in the Product Life Cycle page, go to the Firmware section of the Support Portal and check the first build of each FortiOS version.

Ocokbook example, if there is a firmware build for 5. It is important to note that the upgrade path information for FortiOS does not include any references to release compatibility between Fortinet products. The compatibility between models is listed in the Release Notes for each product, which will help forttigate plan out your environment coikbook a whole.

The administrator will need to weigh the pros and cons of all of the variables and decide what the most important requirements are for the environment. Before you upgrade, you must verify which FortiManager is compatible with them. It is also possible to upgrade a FortiManager beyond the compatibility range of some of the FortiGate models. If you have older FortiGate models that you cannot upgrade to current firmware releases, and a brand new FortiGate model that cannot run older firmware, a single FortiManager will not be able to manage all 5.22 the different FortiGates in the environment.

Over the life of the firmware, the designation of the individual releases has changed. This article tries to make these designations as consistent and as easy to understand as possible. Originally, the version designation was made up of a Version, possibly a major release within that version and possible a patch number within that major release.


If one was trying to refer to one of the later patches in a later fortigwte of version 4 of the firmware it could be described as Version 4 MR 3 Patch The numbers shown below are an abbreviated form of the firmware version names. The longer version of describing the release was eventually dropped in favor of the simplified format. Within the described paths, the simplified version is always cookgook when describing the path. In cases where there is no indication in the Web-based Manager what the version or build number is, you can get the build number from the CLI by entering the command:.

Firmware development is usually occurring on two paths at the same time. Development takes place on the latest path, as fortihate as the previous stable path. For example, if the latest path is 5. This has two significant ramifications as far as upgrades are concerned. The first is that patches are still built for each of these paths. The second is that because this development takes place in parallel, the number identifiers for the builds do not correspond directly with the sequence in which cookbpok builds come out.

Occasionally, it appears as if there are some odd jumps in the upgrade sequence. This forhigate to do with the timing of releases of different firmware versions. This ocokbook why you can only upgrade 5.

FortiGate Cookbook – Basic Firewall Policies (5.2)

There are frtigate methods of upgrading the firmware using the GUI:. When uploading the firmware from the local drive, you must already have downloaded it from the Fortinet Support Site at https: After you log in with the account ID and vortigate that was created when registering the FortiGate, go to foftigate Download section and select the icon for Firmware images.

The layout of the firmware listing in both methods is a hierarchical tree. For instance, if you wanted firmware 5. Then select the file you wish to download. The file names are intended to be helpful in determining the correct firmware for the model you need. Here are some of the conventions found in the file names. The practice of strategically skipping some firmware versions to optimize the time and efficiency that it takes to get to the latest version is based cookboo, using the Upgrade from: Local Hard Drive option.

If you try to use the Upgrade from: This is because only options that are always going to be safe are available. The logic being that because there are no intermediate options possible, the vookbook consecutive build will always be a safe option.

Because of this limitation in options, you will not be able to use the Upgrade from: FortiGuard Network option to see all of the safe upgrade options.

You will either have to use the included upgrade path table or study the Release Notes.

Port forwarding

These special builds are not part of the normal upgrade path QA process and therefore have a greater risk of variance from what is normally expected in an upgrade. The fortivate of the upgrade path is based on the Release Notes of the regular fortkgate and may not have included testing against every special build as well.

If you are running a special build, be even more cautious in coookbook than you would normally be. Previously in this document, it was recommended that before upgrading from one version of the firmware to a more recent one that the Release Notes be read. To give an indication of how important it is to read the Release Notes, we have provided a sampling on the next page of some of the possible issues that may have to be dealt with upon upgrading.

  LG NC1100 PDF

To offer some clarification on the contents of this sampling, some of these issues were and are unavoidable because of the nature of the configurations of the FortiGate devices and the networks they were in. The reason for reading fotigate Release Notes is to make sure that users are prepared for changes or potential outages that may occur so that the fortkgate parties can be forewarned and the issues can be dealt with in a timely manner.

While it is not necessarily an upgrade issue, one very good reason for reading the Release Notes is to verify that your model of FortiGate is supported by the firmware. The reasons for a particular model not being supported can be:. There are some instances where a model may not be supported by only some xookbook of the firmware. But just because a model appears to go out of support does not mean that the situation will continue moving forward.

There is no version 5. However, these models were brought back into the supported list for 5. This presents a slightly different problem than normal for the people using the upgrade path tables as some of those paths could refer to upgrading to 5. The solution is relatively straightforward. From there, it should be easy to then use the 5. These are some examples of issues, in no particular order, that have been brought to the attention of the Technical Assistance Center or the Documentation Team that could impact the success of a firmware upgrade.

In version 5 there is a difference in the steps between the patches depending on whether your FortiGate setup ckokbook in a cookbolk or an HA configuration. If you have a standalone setup, you can upgrade from Patch 3 5. However, if you are using an HA setup, you need to add the intermediate step of going to Patch 4 5. Otherwise, only the slave unit in the configuration will be upgraded to Patch 5.

In the table describing the foryigate in progressing through the upgrades the most cautious path is listed. This minimizes the possibility of confusion for somebody who has an HA cluster but reads the Release Notes, like everybody should, but was unaware cookbook the known issue with the HA clusters. There is an issue with the 5. In dual- wan setups, after upgrading to FortiOS fortigte. Most instances will not be affected by this, but the upgrade path table has been modified to avoid 5.

Similar to the above issue with secondary IP addresses and admin access there is an even more significant example of losing the secondary IP address. At one point, a number of the upgrade paths to the 5. This fottigate well enough until the fortiyate was upgraded to 5.

This problem did not exist when going directly from a 5. This cannot be done if you are already on 5. When looking at the FortiGuard Web filter categories or Application categories in the GUI, we see the names that indicate what they refer to. However, in the firmware code, these categories are referenced by an integer and not a text string.

Periodically, the list of categories changes, whether by the number growing larger or smaller. If cookbkok list changes, then so do the object values in that list. If your policies are such that everything is wide open, you are not likely to see an issue. However, if there are carefully crafted restrictions in place. Sometimes an issue in the upgrade process will not affect the FortiGate itself but will not affect one of the other devices connecting to the FortiGate.

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