D-HCDL photoreal texture for the Icaro EC package. You Need ICARO EC EXT4 Package Original aircraft by Guenter Kraemer and Franz Haider. ICARO EC is a complete rework of Guenter Kraemers EC from FS We will use e.g. Franz HaiderĀ“s gauges (you know them from. EC P2 for FlightGear – a repository on GitHub. permission to use it under GNU GPL v2!* Original author: Franz Haider “Franz Haider” [email protected] .

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Very beautiful helicopter repainted as Italian rescue native for FS, interior with fully 3D virtual cockpit and sounds.

Detailed model created with GmaxTable of edge and photoreal A Brantly B-2 by Lasse Lindh. After two and a half years of developing and artworking the BK, here is the a freeware product for all BK fans. Available with one repaint. Icaro BK Pelikan 1 Texture.

Requires the wonderful freeware Icaro BK Eurocopter AS B2 Package. Used for rescues in Switzerland. CH e1c35 Rory Kelly. With auto-pilot and auto-hover controls.

FSX Civil Air Patrol EC-135

I am very sorry for disrupting in this ugly manner David’s thread; my sincere apologies to everyone. The Eurocopter EC is a twin-engine light utility helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter.

Hi guys i found this helicopter at flyaway site. This pack is included with the haidre of the Gendarmerie, French Customs, Heliswiss and many others.


Thanks to Franz Haider who developed the gauges. This model is dedicated to heliflyer aka Georg Vollnhals.

Special Edition Screenshot Supplement. Once you have become sufficient at flying rotary-winged aircraft, downloading additional helicopters and related scenery will be the next step.

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New Helicopter out

Very nice to fly haieer stable in flight. Cockpit is almost same as the real EC Gman 22 Jul Sikorsky Firehawk by Jordan Moore. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. What’s new New posts New resources New profile posts.

Avsim Helicopter Tutorial

There is no connection between the producer and the reviewer, and we feel this review is unbiased and truly reflects the performance vranz the product in the simming environment. The EC is a twin-engine aircraft and can carry up to nine passengers along with two crew, depending on customer configuration.

Author names to search are: Can hover and make a spot landing. The current fdm is just a guess and might be not that realistic. This site uses cookies to help personalise frsnz, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. A Bell B by Alan Devins. Seems to me that it is his helicopter. Eurocopter EC by Antti Pankkonen.

Thanks for the heads-up Cheers Gman.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Hovercontrol Bell by Manuel E. This is a complete rebuild of the ec with a much better exterior modell It is currently a work in progress, frwnz a lots of things can be broken now, but it should be not worser to fly than in the e1c35 version.


For the FSX compatible version click hereDownload it! The Eurocopter EC is a twin-engine light utility helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter. Standard Disclaimer The review above is a subjective assessment of the product by the author.

AS B2- Higher gross weight version powered by one Arriel 1D1 engine over the B1 version with aerodynamic strake fitted to tail boom along the starboard side and angled engine frajz duct for better yaw control. Gauges and panel by Cyril Pioffet. Hi Gary Well my friend, I really didn’t pretend to offend anyone. Gauges seems functional, the overall quality of the add-on is very good! A new special “medical emergency” that come after the EC Polizei.

Many of these also have several available repaints in addition to the original liveries. Ich war nur sehr erstaunt, wie die Dateien da hingekommen sind. Automatic stationary with flying help from auto-pilot. Hiller XH by Lasse Lindh.

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