Results 1 – 20 of 26 At , you will find our wide range of Nunchaku. Our selections are: Black Round B.B. Chuck With Laser Dragon. Nunchaku also known as nunchucks, chucks or chain sticks is a traditional Okinawan weapon and consists of two sticks connected at their ends with a short . If you’re not practising with real nunchucks at speed it’s because .. I think I need to suggest a mouth guard to all student of freestyle Nunchaku.

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I also did not support the war by the way. Beyond oral history, do you have any proof of that? These tournaments are held by participants submitting videos that adhere certain rules which are relaxed, such as length of video and whether other weapons freestyle can be used.

December 04, I’ve made it clear, self inflicted harm with nunchucks is very possible and very real, Freeztyle stated how it can happen and the reasons why, yet you’ve somehow overlooked that part and targeted the minor quote that when taken out of context suits your defensive posturing perfectly, go figure.

Freestyle nunchaku refers to the use of the nunchaku weapon used in martial arts and popularised by Bruce Lee and nuncnaku martial artists in a more visually stunning, rather than combative way. Oh look, another “strawman” play, nothing new coming from you.

If you can try both! The Lab Nunchku and post videos of cutting-edge explorations of freestyle nunchaku techniques here! Chuck Off Dir One friend had to visit the dentist the other day.

You can get a lot more speed from the spin and throw it as a strike. If you are just starting with freestyle nunchaku, or if you have never used a nunchaku before, then here is your starting place to learn how to use your nunchucks! From what I can freeshyle, Nunchucks got wrapped up in a whole lot of white panic about urban Black gangs attacking folks with crazy Asian martial arts secrets.

Sparked by the release of Bruce Lee’s Enter The Dragon and spurred by such pop phenomena as the TV series Kung Fu and the song “Kung Fu Fighting,” martial arts fever was spiking, along with a faddish interest in martial arts weapons. If so, please try restarting nnuchaku browser. I was taught by an amazing guy who was black belt in three styles. Hey look at this. August 12, at 9: The Freestyle Nunchaku Forum see above holds tournaments that all members can participate in.


November 13, at That really isn’t the case.

Freestyle Nunchaku 101

So safety is a large part of practice. Dodging the point I’ve been frewstyle all along about you trying to call this freestylee shit weapon that is not dangerous to the person using it won’t change the fact that you’re dead wrong, and have nothing that shows why you have this opinion or why it is a valid opinion.

The spinning and hitting off your back or leg is to disperse the rebound. Also when doing over the shoulder, you want to stop your swing when the upper arm is parallel to the ground and your elbow makes a 90 degree angle. The articles I’ve been finding, both from today and in when the broad bans on martial arts weapons came down across the US, suggest that the entire thing was more of a moral panic than any actual rash of nunchuck related attacks.

That does not explain why I don’t practice but weapon. Why would I practice with a weapon I think is shity Because most people would rather believe a convenient lie than an inconvenient truth, do you know who said that? This reddit is for all Martial Arts related links and discussion whether you study Karate, Eskrima or any of the many other martial arts which exist in the world. That is also something that can be seen in people by observation, reading your comments observing led me to that conclusion about you.

The point of my comment was that you’re an uninformed liar who is only here to trash talk rfeestyle he’s incapable of doing, that’s pretty standard for you though. Singles, Doubles, Fire and Glow, and Director. This page was last edited on 2 Julyat At speed, hitting yourself with this is almost as bad as hitting someone else when hit by the tip, it’s not the same, that’s a given, but it is still a considerable amount force at pretty much every point of movement, unlike a stick.


The harder you train the more danger you have with nunchaku. Nunchaku-do competitions nunfhaku now held where marks are awarded based upon visual display rather than predefined kata.

I understand that completely, hence why I called you an uninformed liar, because you shouting “it’s a shit weapon” is lying about it while projecting your own opinion as a fact, all without providing evidence to back your statement that is clearly trying to present itself as a fact.

But at high speeds the chances of getting hit increase exponentially. I want to know the length of the string or cord And sticks And other types of Nunchakus Mcserv your knowledge.

Freestyle Nunchaku | Nunchaku Tutorials

June 23, at 4: And when I practice it gets my awareness elevated for the rest of the day so it’s a valuable thing to me and the danger helps achieve it so I don’t want padded sticks. We would like to invite all nunchaku artist around the world, to come and celebrate with us, by welcoming the year with an online nunchaku tournament aura. December 09, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It was explained to me that the speed difference offsets the mass loss. The force being parted on a target comes from momentum generated by the user, the advantage of the chain is that this momentum can be generated without much effort by the user, which is not the same for a solid stick.

Honestly, I’m half expecting you to say that people going full tilt with real knives won’t ever get cut even if only in training You can go swing them for yourself.

It’s a matter of how hard you want to train. Nunchaku Chat Read and post general discussions about nunchaku here. I’ll put this bluntly, if the striking end of a nunchuck is only nnchaku bouncing off the target, you’re doing it wrong.

What country are you all from? Your country and Your name.

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