Additional members of the Cometa group included a France National Space Center director, a high ranking director of the DST, the French FBI. Un remarquable rapport, daté des années , le rapport COMETA, toujours disponible sur le site du GEIPAN / CNES (Centre national d’Etudes Spatiales) link. Ufology is the study of reports, visual records, physical evidence, and other phenomena related .. GEIPAN found a mundane explanation for the vast majority of recorded cases, but in , after 30 years of . Skeptic Claude Maugé criticized COMETA for research incompetency, and claimed that the report tried to present.

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Se of royton north of oldham lancs. Xx who claims to have seen this object on many previsous occasions. Hovering then firest seen then moved side ways at heipan of a car up and down. No sound until tonight slight engine noise as he departed form over head amlwch three people 1 in cometta 1 at thje side and 1 at the rear of house. No extra details observed through binoculars. Rotating neon light one sometimes two.

Nake eye object had white lights at sides red and white lights fore and at object larger than a b52 and no noise. Stationary; slowly north sudden flat turn e. Release in press 20 nov One obect two white flashing lights at each end with red and blue lights in the middle. Located at houghton roberts in a car stopped to observe.

UFO Reports in the UK

Stopped for a moment hen reersed in direction of mexborough. Seemed lawer than a light aircraft no nosie but geipaan difficult to estimate ;clear and starbright. Stream of seven to eight lights white red blue lights flashing at first light went off second light went on and so on. This happende very quickly. The informant was moving and so was the object.

Object first seen in front of vehicle.

Did not alter course of speed. Moving constantly towards caerphilly hill, dropped form sight behind houses. Brigt light bursting ionto smaller stars on striking ground. Nearby could not really estimate.


Ufology – Wikipedia

Fast moving eastwards ;clear sky with patches of mist. Aircraft observed to pass in front of object. Cloudy good visibility the witness had signaled 3 others reported similar sighting to farnborough. Moving beipan diamond shape. Met clear with patches of haze. Mov in diamand shape. One horizontal shaped beaming yellow light ;stationary.

Huge bright orange circular light two smaller lights separated form main light. Moving when first sighted then stationnary. Distance approx 5 miles.

Small objects seperated and rejoined main light moved west separated agin then disappeared. Recently stopped raining sky fairly clear, clear view. Travelling slowly in a straight line. Generaly the light was above the car and floodlit the road ahead. Up area when driver took a wrong turn she lost the light but having turned around she found it awaiting her further on like a bright globe rapoort a beam off light.

Fine nicht moon and stars visible. Mrs xxxx was very grightened and did not want any publicity but agreed to be interviewed. Both appeared to be level headed characters.

Stationary then moved north. Distance estimated 6 to 10 miles. Descended travelling approx north to south.

Collard hill wsw slow. Distance approx 3 miles. Height 30 from horizoantal;steady slow rotating on own axis. Met clear below low cloud. Object had an orange green and white lights. South from the house. Numerous reports form police in northumbria area as followas 2 police on foot 2 polcie in car at hexham 2 police on foot 2 in car at alnwick and at least 6 police outdoors at ashington.

Between ft and hogher. Varying reports some say going ne some say going south hewham hovering met clear north green red. Alnwick green red hoverging met clear. Ashington green red slow met clear.

Rohbury green red north hovering met clear. Horizontal plane dipped to left raised extension and then moved to left across. One rapportt white no sound. North to south hexam to hallam head.

Three brigt red random flashes no noise. Low just above houses. Three objestc seen first tot the sea second to the e third to the ne. One no shaped red and yellow bright.

La vie dans l’univers – Le Rouge et le Blanc

Fapport brown big blob bright no sound. Constant speed and height throughout. Bottom half of first object seemed to be rotating rhythmically. Blue sky comeya clouds. Distance estimated ft ;hovering for about 5 mins then made square like movements and shot of at a great rappoet. Clear sky no cloud. One bright star with a dark centre. Ray of light beaming outward. Distance approx 2 mils. One bright round white light.


Low stationnary then moved quickly 90 degs west and finally became stationnary and dimmed to yellow. Solid bright orange yellow light. Steady at first then moved towards obersver prior to disappearring geeipan a westerly direction. One comea shaped object square lights around it. Red in colour size unknow due to trees obscuring rapporrt. Southe of girvan strathclyde scotland; east at 5 miles. Steady at first then started moving after approx 30 mins. A number of very bright red lights.

Distance Half to 1 mile. Janvier yarmouth Met station officer and 2 other employees 1 2 mins. Location 52 41 n 01 41 e yarmouth outdoors.

Janvier cardiff Seconds. Very bright silver light seemed to have a red tail traversed the sky form east to west disappeared before reaching the horizon. Soithe of ramsgate circling and then moving away.

Met very clear sky. One round crimson coloured object shiningvery brightly. Fat coffin norwich outdoors stationary. Three miles north of coltishal. Saucer shaped aboutsize of football pitch six or seven elliptical shaped windows around central red dome.

Object sighted form se to nw. Movements smooth n increase of speed appeared to follow curvature of earth. Met Gapport twilight just before dawn. Height feet;steady direction minehead to bristol ;sky clear. A very bright white light no tail. Observer positionned standing outside flat on second floor f tower block on a hill.

Moving east to west. Speed very fast covering a distance of 3 to 4 miles appeared to crash to the ground. Aover brant bruton near lincoln.

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