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He was always clear in his objectives, he wanted to write the history starting with the creation and leading up to hstoriae times in which he lived, which is a clear declaration of his universalist intentions as a historian. Another interesting point is paganks pessimism with which Orosius deals with certain themes and the exaggerated optimism with which he refers to others.

Work by the Christian author Paulus Orosius fl. Chapters Three and Four explore the representations of monotheism and imperial authority in the emperors Augustus and Theodosius. Either implicitly or explicitly, critics have often disparaged adversys Historiae as a thinly-veiled piece of theological commentary instead of a work of genuine history Fend ; Chesnut ; Tanner The narrative ability of Orosius should also not be overlooked.

Even Lope de Vega made Orosius a central character in his play The Cardinal of Bethlehemwhich shows how long-lived his fame advefsus. In reality, it would seem that Orosius’s main task was to assist Jerome and others against Pelagiuswho, after the synod of Carthage inhad been living in Palestine, and finding some acceptance there. Skip to main content. In any case, any discussion of Orosius’s youth is pure speculation and conjecture because, as discussed above, there is little knowledge regarding this period of his life.


Help Center Find new research papers in: Home Texts Historiae adversus paganos. Les Belles Lettres, — An abridged, free translation, often wrongly attributed to King Alfred is still extant. Superseded by the edition of Arnaud-Lindet, though still in use. The Universalist hiatoriae of Orosius’s work is perhaps its most notable aspect.

Catholic University of America Press, In general he is pessimistic about anything to do with paganism or the past and optimistic regarding Christianity and his present, which is remarkable given the difficult times that he was living in.

This has lent an increased value to his work in modern historiography, mainly thanks to authors such as Lucien Febvre and Fernand Braudel. Orosius as primary source.

Orosius – Wikipedia

A number of dates have been suggested for his departure pavanos Braga, ranging from tohowever, the best option is to stick with the two most widely accepted dates:.

He was also able to participate in a Church Council meeting in Jerusalem on the same trip and he was entrusted with transporting the relics of Saint Stephen.

This is particularly true for sources of information regarding his birth and death. Studies in Universal History. For a handlist of manuscripts, see Janet M.

Augustine, Orosius and Sulpicius Severus. Orosius wanted to discuss a number of theological topics with Saint Jerome, particularly those relating to the soul’s origins, paganod Saint Augustine wanted closer ties with the thinker and to gather information regarding the PriscillianistsOrigenists and the Pelagian heresy.


Imperial authority and the providence of monotheism in Orosius‘s Historiae Adversus Paganos

hiatoriae Augustine and Roman Virtue. His Histories was considered to be one of the main works of Spanish historiography right up until the time of the Reformation. Orosius was a highly influential figure both for the dissemination of information History Against the Pagans was one of the hixtoriae sources of information regarding Antiquity that was used up to the Renaissance and for rationalising the study of history his methodology greatly influenced later historians.

Catholicism portal Pope portal. This is even confirmed by Orosius himself who states that he was pursued onto the beach from which he set sail.

Orosius does not conceive of history as an unbroken linear narrative of progress, as some scholars have concluded Fear ; Schildgen News Tionscadal asversus Nod Tionscadal na Nod is a palaeographical tool to help you read vernacular Irish manuscripts: Orosius never seems lacking in sources of information, he even affirms that an historian histofiae be selective with those he has, it rather seems that this difference in level of detail reflects the emphasis that he wants to place on reinforcing his ideas.

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