The first thing you learn about Omar Nasiri is that even his name is an alias. Read “Inside the Jihad My Life with Al Qaeda” by Omar Nasiri with Rakuten Kobo . Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s. Between and , Omar Nasiri worked as a secret agent for Europe’s top foreign intelligence services-including France’s DGSE (Direction Read More.

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May 18, Nick rated it really liked it.

We can’t eve Omar’s evaluation in the early pages of his book is very interesting. This was difficult to get through for a number of reasons. This book was written by an Arab man who became involved with terrorist groups in the s and then became a spy. The bases in Afghanistan were remnants of a past war.

Yemen, al-Qaeda, and America’s War in Arabia. First, there was the incredibly nuanc Phenomenal book. During a follow-up raid, police uncovered explosives in a GIA supporter’s home.

Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda

When describing his training, I kept thinking about how the guns, explosives and chemicals were simply toys to him – you can almos I’m not sure where to begin with this one: He is merely pretending to be an extremist, but adopts their speech, behavior and even their beliefs in some respects. A great character study too inskde this troubled So compelling!

Summary and Analysis of Black Flags: He claims to be a Muslim at the core, but he consistantly breaks all the commandments of Mohammed and is a creature of convenience. Ref JPseudonym 11 I don’t know … An interesting book by a man who trained in the jihadist camps in Afghanistan but was also an agent for the French DGSE. In fact this would make alla a evil god. As the reporter involved in the story, I thought I’d reply to a few of the comments.

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He writes of lying to, cheating and stealing from his family, friends and co-conspirators, says he was able to fool a drug dealer in Belgium—and even convince the drug dealer to lead him to an arms dealer and dupe the arms dealers into providing guns and ammunition to him with no money up front and no security for the illegal goods.

I wonder how many other jihadis share his omqr and his sensibilities, and whether we will ever be able to find a middle ground.

The Most Dangerous Place. Very insightful and frontline view into the history and future of the “jihad” as the West refers to it and the many viewpoints and flavors this term evokes.

Now we are backwards. I certainly read the book feeling alarmed as one by one assumptions I had about Al Qaeda’s sophistication fell to the wayside. Police seized false documents, detonators, and some small caliber weapons. Abu Zubeida had told him in Afghanistan that Abu Hamza’s hands had not been blown off in combat operations but in mishandling nitro-glycerine.

Thank you for telling your story it has opened my eyes to a world I was completely ignorant of, and I now have a great respect for. An excellent companion to “Ghost Wars”. Published November 20th by Basic Books first published The stories presented seem unique and genuine, and although the author is a little unreliable at times, he’s so clever that you give him a pass. Aug 21, Jennifer Lindsay rated it really liked it.

Inside the Jihad: My Life with Al Qaeda by Omar Nasiri

A Portrait of Egypt. Anyone who uses the term ‘Al Qaeda’ the base to refer to the name of a uniquely powerful terrorist organisation immediately loses my respect and attention. It reads like a spy novel, full of deception and intrigue. Shame on the West and shame on America, Europe and other nations that support puppet governments, occupation and genocide in the name of “democracy, peace and freedom.

Newsnight should have checked this guy’s story properly instead of beeing an instrument for creating fear. Who Killed Daniel Pearl. The performance of the British security services during this period was dismal and the program confirmed this.


If you are interested in the subject of terrorism o This is simply a fascinating book, which also happens to be very readable.

All of this ,is being said by Belgian terrorist-export Claude Moniquet. Jihad is the buzz word in the omaar and political scenes. Every martyr strengthened hundreds to face death with hearts full of praise and faith thd Christ. But this guy seems to change with the wind. A great character study too of this troubled soul. The other, Ah El Madja, also was convicted and sentenced to serve three years” [6a] [6b] Informative Global Patterns of Terrorism cover Belgium a useful reminder to those who memories only go back as as to when they think ’causes’ for ‘terrorism; esp Islamic variety, started in the world [6b] vikingar SOURCES: It’s a gripping account of a Moroccan born spy who infiltrates an Algerian terrorist cell in Belgium and training camps in Afghanistan.

Click here for more. The sooner this is acknowledged by all parties, the sooner we can adress the real cause of Islamic sourced terrorism and find a way to end the radicalisation of young Muslim men that seems to be sweeping into more and more of their religion.

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It is not naivete on my part. If thr are interested in the subject of terrorism or simply looking for a good spy story, this is it. Towards the end, the spy mentions he was left stranded by the government he worked for and lives in a hideout.


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