PDF | Seminar Presentation. Analysis of the views of Pakistan and India on Kishanganga Dam based on Indus Waters Treaty. The construction and official inauguration of Kishanganga dam is a violation of Indus Pakistan cries foul over India’s bid to inaugurate Kishenganga dam. Background. India began construction of the US$ million Kishanganga hydroelectric project (KHEP) in The Kishanganga, as the river.

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We control the regional cross roads. Express Explained Jammu and Kashmir.

After the pause, the bank held several rounds of talks — the last kishangangx which took place in September — but failed to resolve the dispute. JawaidKishangnga are originating from India side only. In all, 18 shells fell from across the LoC, just a kilometre away over the hills, on both sides of the dam, which was then close to completion. Pakistan has either no legal backing to their stance or it’s merely a matter of nerves.

Pakistan-India should settle down their disputes by discussion between themselves. Dont understand the problem. Frustrated indian, Modi will soon go backward steps. Dawood If, as you say, Kashmir belongs to Pakistan, then we should not object India spending its money to develop Kashmir. Construction on the project began in and was expected to be complete in Kishangnaga all coordinates using: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant – Wikipedia

Foreign Office spokesperson Muhammad Faisal, during the weekly media briefing, said the World Bank has assured that the international agreement will not be breached. So now you dont want best for them??

Chabbar port built sub standardly by India borrowimh money, will be taken over by China for free. In local population of Bandipora protested against HCC executing the MW Kishenganga hydroelectric project in the area accused the company of causing severe damage to kushanganga environment [15] [16] and causing perilous pollution in the area.


Even these countries which are a lot da then both our countries have visa free entries which give general public a sense of freedom.

Explainer: What is the Kishanganga water dispute – Newspaper –

If China could divert all the water of Brahmaputra to China, they would do it in a blink without consulting anyone. Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is even more reason to kishanganba jail system.

On May 25, Pakistan had warned that water issues with India can lead to a dangerous situation and that Islamabad wants a peaceful resolution of such problems as per the spirit of the Indus Waters Treaty IWT. This dam will only better the lives of Kashmiris. Reality bites All he will see is the region progressing without India. All said and done. India has the right to look after its interests. Seriously, this enmity is not leading us anywhere but could emanate catastrophic results for general public on both sides.

Help us delete comments that do not follow these guidelines by marking them offensive. The World Bank set in motion both processes but paused them when India and Pakistan refused to withdraw their proposals. China does not go around asking the world who has control over Brahmaputra which flows through Tibet, India and Bangladesh. India is not the country to abide by any ethics or treaties, it’s only the force. It is now sending a high-level delegation to the United States for talks with the World Bank.

Retrieved from ” https: Ksihanganga Februarythe CoA ruled that India could divert all the water leaving a minimum amount of water to the downstream of the dam on Kishanganga River for the purpose of environmental flows. And India should reciprocate that too. Pakistan is apprehensive that acceding to India’s demand will “close the doors” of arbitration for Islamabad.

dwm The tunnel is received by a surge chamber before sending water to the underground power house which contains 3 x MW Pelton turbine -generators. During the meetings, held at Oishanganga request to discuss issues regarding the Indus Waters Treaty and opportunities within the treaty to seek an amicable resolution, “several procedural options” for resolving the disagreement over the interpretation of the treaty’s provisions were discussed, the Bank said.


It would be a good counterbalance measure, while paying back to India in its own coin. Power stations and organizations of Jammu and Kashmir. Retrieved 13 March The meeting came days after India inaugurated the Kishanganga hydroelectric project in Jammu and Kashmir.

In Kishanganga dam security, more than Pakistan shelling, sabotage a concern

Pakistan had protested the inauguration claiming that the project on a river flowing into Pakistan will disrupt water supplies. During a recent visit by this correspondent, a row of artillery guns inside the camp was visible from the road, their barrels trained at the mountain.

People of Indian occupied Kashmir welcomed this project as it provide abundant power to them.

Dawood Kashmir never belonged to Pak and never will. India has no integrity or honourable character.

Kishanganga Hydroelectric Plant

What newest twist in Indus Treaty tale means”. Tahir If Pakistan target it then there will be flood in Pakistan and many areas will be submerged and loss would be big. Please check the map. You have to mortgage your ports,airports and every public property to pay them back like Srilanka, Kazakhstan. Pakistan xam once again at a critical juncture of political transition. Pakistan should build a dam to kishnganga the water going to Indian side before re-entering into Pakistan.

Both countries are worse then East African countries.

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