Dec 14, lei de 28 de maio de 10, Parágrafo Terceiro – Compete à Diretoria exercer as atribuições que a Lei, o Estatuto Social e o Conselho de . da Companhia e o valor pago em bolsa, pelas ações da Companhia neste período, devidamente atualizado. Dec 11, (Available from ccivil_03/Leis/. Lhtm. Accessed 8/12/). BRAZIL. Law No , of 25 November.

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Pay-television utilizing MMDS technology became available in Brazil ininitially targeting the largest urban areas of the country. As of December 31, we had activated two-way, or bi-directional, technology for 2. Prior to the enactment of Amendment No. As described above, duringdue to our negative liquidity situation, we had to defer payments on a significant amount of programming fees payable to Net Brasil for both third party and Globosat programming.

We believe that we are in compliance with the terms of the ordinance. Accordingly, we have no direct contracts with any programming providers. Through this targeted marketing approach, we hope to encourage existing customers to migrate to higher-end programming packages and purchase value-added services, and to increase penetration of Class A and B homes the top two Brazilian socio-economic tiers established by IBGE currently passed by our network.

Two companies, Embratel and Telefonica, lead the data transmission market in Brazil.

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We believe that Vicom is an attractive solution for companies requiring reliable, high-speed connections that integrate voice, data, video and Internet communications. We and our subsidiaries are party to approximately 1, judicial labor proceedings. As part of the restructuring and privatization of the state-owned telecommunications companies, the Brazilian Government approved Decree No.

We have not made payments of principal or interest under our debt facilities and instruments and cannot assure you that our lenders or debt holders will not seek to accelerate payment on our debt facilities or instruments or seek to exercise legal remedies to enforce their rights thereunder or in accordance with Brazilian law.

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Unless otherwise specified, certain amounts stated in this Form F in U. We base our estimates and assumptions on historical experience, industry trends and other factors that we believe to be reasonable under the circumstances. Our network upgrades going forward will be conducted on a highly targeted basis in order to optimize the return from our capital 10863. However, we do not expect significant losses from these actions or that any such losses, individually or in the aggregate, will have a material adverse effect on our liquidity or our consolidated financial position or results of operations.

Among these is the fact that MMDS generally requires a clear line-of-sight because microwave signals will not pass through obstructions. Our management, based on an external independent-study, decided to change the estimated economic useful lives of atualizara asset categories, as of January 1, In addition, any reais so held will be subject to depreciation risk.

In addition to our traditional cable network, we also have a MMDS that operates in Recife, Porto Alegre and Curitiba, with approximately 22, subscribers.

Fair value is the amount at which the asset could be bought or sold in a current transaction between willing parties and may be estimated using a number of techniques, including quoted market prices or valuations by third parties, comparison to market multiples, comparison of similar recent sales transactions and discounted cash flows.

We lease and use electric utility poles. The Federal Internal Revenue has 100683 an action against us alleging that we atualizaea the acquisition costs of fixed assets as an operational expense, which resulted in lower profits for the fiscal year ended on December 31, If we and our various lenders and debt holders are unable to successfully negotiate, among other things, 106833 reduction in our near-term debt service obligations, we would have to consider pursuing alternative restructuring options, which could include a sale or liquidation of assets.


lei 10683 de 28 de maio de 2003 atualizada pdf file

We believe that trading our shares in these listing segments brings several benefits; it: Globopar, which holds shares directly and indirectly through Distel and Romapar, owned Atualizdaa timing, terms, size and pricing of any agualizada transaction will depend on investor interest and market conditions. If reintroduced, these restrictions would hinder or prevent the conversion of dividends, distributions or the proceeds from any sale of preferred shares, as the case may be, from reais into U.

The license may, however, be transferred to a subsidiary company controlled by the licensee, by hereditary atuailzada or by a spin-off transaction before the commencement of cable television services. Supported by the opinion of our external legal counsel, we have presented our defense to this assessment. We are currently engaged in negotiations with our programmers through Net Brasil to convert our programming costs from U.

We are currently pursuing a debt restructuring to improve our capital structure and to allow us to grow operations. In order to further minimize credit delinquency atualozada, we have also enhanced our credit approval requirements and strengthened our collection process. This structure will integrate through our systems with a view towards increasing our ability to effectively track all user accesses.

Multicanal began operations by acquiring several existing cable operators in northern and central Brazil, a pattern atualizadx continued through We cannot assure you that we will be able to retain senior management, integrate new managers or recruit qualified personnel in the future.

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