In July , Ley de , a comprehensive tobacco control law, expanded smokefree coverage to all hospitality venues, making .. Marín L. Aún quedan muchos cigarrillos por apagar de aprobar la ley antitabaco. . a Toro Torres DF. Capital Política de México. También visita: México. Vive el pasado, el presente y el futuro de la Capital de México. Experience the past, the. Con las leyes aprobadas, el control del tabaco en México se ha fortalecido y Ley de Protección a la Salud de los No Fumadores en el Distrito Federal.2 En por las dos leyes aprobadas, así como por cualquier otra medida antitabaco, está.

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Emilio Rescigno | Universidad Torcuato Di Tella –

Oxford University Press; Eur Heart J ; Health organization monitoring, external funding, and hospitality industry support contributed to effective implementation, and could be cultivated in other low and middle income countries. Gonzalez M, Glantz SA. Press release, 21 October Inter-American Health Foundation, Kosir M, Gutierrez K.

Third, international organizations aided implementation, supporting NGOs to provide education and technical assistance.


Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: The health consequences of smoking: Demonstrating successful coalition building and international advocacy networks, the successful passage and early implementation of the City law resulted from strong coordinated efforts by governmental officials and advocates informing legislators about the importance of smokefree environments and producing influential educational campaigns, assisted by Bloomberg funds.


Se realizaron alrededor de 6 a 8 inserciones semanales en prensa. Implementation was strongest in big cities and in cities with supportive political leadership: Industria de Restaurantes propone locales exclusivos para fumadores.

Am J Public Health ;80 2: Health Education Research The role of organized civil society in tobacco control in Latin America and the Caribbean. Effect of increased social unacceptability of cigarette smoking on reduction in cigarette d. Reclaman restaurantes ley pareja.

Health advocates had focused on large cities, e and the Colombian state had more presence in departmental capitals. Promoting the effective translation of the framework convention on tobacco control: Different from high income countries, in Colombia there were few government resources, weak state capacity, and enforcement agencies focused on public security. Policy support, norms, and secondhand smoke exposure before and after implementation of a comprehensive smoke-free policy in Mexico City.

Conflict, Governance, and State Fragility: Author manuscript; available in PMC May 6. The effects of clean indoor air laws: Global Dialogue for Stop Smoking Campaigns; Smedley B, Syme L, editors. The proposed regulation sent to COFEMER required all establishments to install sophisticated ventilation systems to prevent smoke leakage.

Los impactos de las vallas fueron con 80 vallas por semana. Extienden espacios sin humo. Lewis Publishers Inc, Open in a separate window. The City Health Ministry claimed it does not have the authority to issue sanctions for noncompliance even though it could report violations to a civic judge and request the sanction for the violator.


Toro, passed in July to implement FCTC Articles 8 and including smokefree areas, prohibiting tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship, and prohibiting individual cigarette sales.

La Jornada: La corrupción y la falta de interés oficial limitan cumplimiento de la ley antitabaco

Tob Control ;15; Salud Publica Mex ;50 S3. Challenges in Latin America. Status in the Americas. Sobre el tono comunicacional, se angitabaco dos propuestas: Am J Public Health.

Federal law comes into effect but no Regulations. SAG initiated and supervised the project and helped revise the paper.

Strong advocacy led to successful implementation of smokefree Mexico City

International Studies Quarterly ; Exposicion involuntaria al humo de tabaco en lugares publicos de la Ciudad de Mexico. Please review our privacy policy. Overview of formative, process, and outcome evaluation methods used in the VERB campaign.

However, neither the Rf government nor the advocates publicised this victory or used it as a device to improve enforcement, a lost opportunity. Global smokefree partnership Global Voices Status Report La Jornada; Mexico City, Mexico:

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