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A general computer program for the calculation of chemical equilibria and hycraulik. Calculation of simultaneous chemical andphase equilibria in nonideal systems.

Solute transport with multiple equilibrium-controlled or kineticallycontrolled chemical reactions.

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Mathematische Einfurung in die Thermodynamik der Gemische. PhilosophiaScienti, cahier special 5: Abel, Christiania utgitt i Trondheim Marsh, and Randolph C.

Calculul echilibrelor chimie multicomponente n sistime eterogene cu faze condensatepure. Afhandling om jern-malm, som findes i myrer og moradser i Norge, og omgangsmaadenmed at forvandle den til jern og staal. A quasi-Newton algorithm for solving multiphase equilibrium flashproblems.


Williamson, Alwarappa Sivaraman, Robert L. A method for evaluating and correlating thermodynamic data. Nomenclature for phase dia-grams with particular reference to vapour liquid and liquid liquid equilibria. Cynthia Goh, Robert L.

Self-consistent equations for calculating the ideal gas heat capacity,enthalpy, and entropy. Gravitational concentration gradients in static columns of hydrocarbonfluids. Abbott and Hendrick C. Solubility in binary mixtures at the immiscibility criticalpoint.

Cubic equation of state models.

Physical properties of gas hydrates: Determination of partial molar volumes at critical end points. Little Science, Big Sciences. Miscellaneous Misc The dreaded misc folder things that do not fit in anywhere else. In 55 seconds of the game, Papajiannis grabbed offensive rebounds. Opti-mization with thermodynamic inconsistency. Some aspects of multiphase calculations.

En historia om teknisk kunnande och dess betydelse for individ ochsamhalle fran aldsta tid fram till talet. Legendre transforms in nonequilibrium thermodynamics: Tapir Forlag, Trondheim, Norge, Lord Rayleighthe last of the great victorian polymaths.

National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D. Thermodynamic databanks, visions and facts. NygaardKristiania OsloNorge, Critical point and phaseseparation for an ionic system.


Beskrivelse over Walle-saltverk, beliggende i Jarlsberg grevskap, en halvmil fra den ldgamle kjbstad Tnsberg. His biography in a nutshell. Edinburgh, Scotland, Mar A review of some thermodynamic properties of the Van der Waals gas.

Linear Algebra and Its Applications. Faksimile av Minerva, september utgitt i Trondheim Chemical equilibrium in complex mixtures. Josef Bergendahls Boktryckeri, Gteborg, Fluids at high pressures and temperatures. Modulated temperature DSC measurementsThe influence of the experimental con-ditions.

Calculation methods, thermochemical data, and applications to studies ofhigh-temperature volcanic gases with examples from Mount St.

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Crossover from singular critical to regular classicalthermodynamic behavior of fluids. Liquid liquid critical phenomena. Jeje, and Farhang Mohtadi. In Lrebok i Matematisk analyse, del I. Felmy and John H. Thermodynamic studies of high temperature equilibria.

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