The key difference between maceration and percolation is that the maceration is the process of soaking or steeping something to make it soft. Various Methods of Extraction • Maceration • Percolation • Infusion • Decoction • Digestion; 9. Purposes of Extraction • The sole purpose of. Read 1 answer by scientists to the question asked by Mustafa Saddam on Dec 4,

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Pharmacopoeia states that fresh infusion should be used within 12 hours after its preparation because it gets spoiled due to fungal or bacterial growth. Tolu syrup has some aromatic odour and flavour and it is believed to have a mild expectorant action.

Extra menstruum is not added to make up the required volume. Volume of menstruum required for 2nd and 3rd maceration. No final adjustment is made, since the volume of pressed liquid is likely to vary with the process of pressing the marc. Name the methods used for the same mentioning their procedure. Costly drugs are extracted by percolation whereas cheaper drugs may be extracted by maceration.

Percolahion main methods of leaching are maceration and percolation. During this period shaking is done occasionally. The quantity of menstruum required for three macerations is calculateas follows:. Nature of the drug. Introduction to Pharmaceutics – A.

Infusion, Decoction, Expression, Maceration, Percolation

Thus prolonged kaceration size reduction will produce heat that may damage the heat labile constituents of the drug. This marc can be expressed i. Describe the percolation process in details with a schematic diagram of a typical percolator. After drying that water film evaporates and becomes porous due to shrinkage.


Type of the drug. Another application of percolation is the preparation of tinctures and brewing liquids such as coffee.

Gupta [Diploma – 1st year]. The drug to be extracted is subjected to suitable degree of size reduction, usually from coarse powder to fine powder, to.

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation

Polluted water spread on the surface of the soil and allow draining through the soil basins. Overview and Key Difference 2. There are several procedures for extraction: Menstruum may be water or hydroalcoholic solvents. Then, when the vacuum is released, pressure of the atmosphere forces the solvent into the drug and penetration is facilated considerably.

Coarse powder of drug is used in the preparation of infusion. Later the water is filtered.

Difference Between Maceration and Percolation l Maceration vs Percolation

This concentrated liquid is mixed with the liquid obtained from the 1st maceration. After maceration, straining and pressing of the marc, measured volume volume of liquid is obtained. Room temp Room temp Moderately high Cold or boiling water Boiling water. Dilute preparations such as, tinctures may be prepared by maceration or by percolation but, concentrated preparations such as, liquid extracts or dry extracts should be prepared by percolation or reserved percolation process.

Degree of size reduction. Concentrated Infusion of Quassia.

The strong solution of active constituents of drug formed during maceration is displaced by the fresh menstruum when percolation process is started. Mostly alcohol incorporates in the maceration of different foods since it helps to soften of foods.

Infusion, Decoction, Expression, Maceration, Percolation

When the liquid begins to drip from the bottom of the percolator, the macceration fitted at its bottom is closed. After packinga piece of filter paper is placed over top of the bed, on which small quantity of washed sand is placed to prevent percolahion of the packed material. The transport of molecules will take place in two stages:. Maceration involves soaking or steeping.


Simple maceration – a process for tinctures made from organized drugs e. The vessel is tightly closed and boiled gently for 30 minutes, stirring frequently. The term, maceration, is also used in the preparation of the specimens from the skeleton. Marc is not pressed.

The molecules will move through the boundary layer by molecular diffusionwith no mechanical mixing or movement. Otherwise this may lead to variation in strength as no adjustment in volume is made. Furthermore, maceration peercolation not involve gravity while percolation occurs towards the gravity.

Maceration is the process of soaking or steeping anything to make it softer. As indicated in the pharmacopoeia the process consists of the following:. Both methods facilitate the extraction of desired substances from a mixture. It consists of a loose perforated shelf resting on a projection near the top of the pot. The selection of an extraction process mainly depends on the percolaton nature of the drug.

This process is a modified form of maceration where the drug is extracted by heating at a particular pressure. Decoction is the process in which the water soluble and heat stable constituents of hard and woody crude drugs are extracted out.

Only pure solvents or constant boiling mixtures like alcohol-water can be used for this purpose.

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