This is work in progress (before its proper Beta). We hope to upgrade this into a powerful resource for the benefit of heritage internationally. The database will. Bogotá, D.C., Colombia: Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia (ICANH ), Grupo de Arqueología y Patrimonio: Secretaría de Cultura de Cundimarca. En este se muestra un estado del arte de la investigación en arte rupestre en Colombia entre y .. Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca.

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Floridablanca Santander4. Part of this situation has its origins in the incapacity of archaeologists to assign chronology to rock rupesrre, which prevents them linking it to other archaeological material.

But it is not only a question of the survival of the object itself; there are also the complex considerations such as nationalism, heritage, and the economic use of prehispanic material.

History of L atin American archaeology. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Humanas. Although the law is mandatory about the obligation to carry out CRM archaeology in almost every civil project involving soil removal, the expansion of the urban frontier is still perilous for both rock art and its surrounding context, mainly because companies working in civil projects do not know the law or arbitrarily violate it.

We also have to consider the way people think about and relate themselves to material from prehispanic communities. Biblioteca Popular de la Cultura Colombiana, 4 v.


Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Rock Art as Cultural Heritage. Concerns about the preservation of rock art have been a growing field of interest in recent years.

Although several archaeological publications contain information about this subject, in most cases rock art is not integrated with the problems treated by archaeologists in their analyses and just constitutes an addendum to the archaeological reports i. Vallas informativas y arte rupestre. Secretaria de Cultura de Norte de Santander Other activities such as hearths have also been identified in the immediate vicinity of petroglyphs.

Ludy Hurtado

To determine what an archaeological perspective in rock art research implies is a difficult task because of the plurality and diversity of archaeological approaches e. Some of them, like offerings and pledges, as far as we know, pose no threat to rock art, but others like incense burning may cause cunddinamarca to rock paintings.

Worldwide Archaeology Series 14, Avebury: Performance of different kinds of activities around rock art sites brings up a diverse set of problems that can be summarised in one dundinamarca Entorno del mural rupestre en Suesca.

As a consequence, an increasing number of activities are taking place around rock art murals. Unless we decide to opt for the uncritical application of universal theories, we have to accept the necessity of building a solid basis for the comprehension of rock art, part of which is the uncertain chronology. Introduction to Rock Art Research. However, these two projects appeal to a traditional archaeological approach consisting of the recovery of archaeological material near rock art sites as a way to contextualise and date related activities.


Some of these movements have made direct or indirect use of rock art. Mural rupestre en Suesca.

Calaméo – Ludy Hurtado

Patrimonio cultural, memoria e identidad. Cundlnamarca Books, UK, Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology: En Rupestrewebhttp: On the other hand, the growing visibility of rock art has led some of these embryonic groups to include it in projects of cultural and ecological tourism. Department of Anthropology, University of Pittsburgh: A taphonomy of paleoart.

Nowadays it is not possible to be involved in rock art research without facing problems associated with the survival of the object of study. Although their results are preliminary and not necessarily conclusive, these projects have shown that, in fact, it is possible to recover the remains of activities that were possibly linked to the production and use of rock art, and they have opened the door to a promising perspective for an archaeological association of rock art.

Revista InversaVol.

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